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Young European Greek

Young Greek Europeans

The participation on a youth exchange in Paris in 2007, it was the beginning of the contact between VIEWS and Greece. 

Some young visually impaired people helped by their teacher and encouraged by the aims of VIEWS, asked the support of the Panhellenic Association of the Blind and start co-operating with VIEWS and their partners all over the Europe.

Nowadays, although the economic crises has broken out the social affairs, we invite Greek young blind and partially sighted people to know better the aims of VIEWS International and to enjoy the benefits of participating to an EVS or a Youth Exchange, meeting other young people in an open, stimulating and friendly environment and acquiring supplementary tools in order to be as autonomous as possible. 
At the same time, we try to support the VI network at any project through the working teams and the General Assemblies sharing our skills, knowledge and experience with the other VI partners trying to discover Europe and the others! 

Young Greek Europeans try to fund a permanent bridge of communication between Greece and VIEWS International network, in order to help Young Greek Visually Impaired people to built a better European future through the participation, respect, team-spirit and solidarity, developing their daily living skills and their personality.