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Words As Salvation – first national literature contest for the blind

Words As Salvation – first national literature contest for the blind

And the Winner Was...

The International Low Vision song contest took place, with great success, on friday 21st of May. The first music competition created exclusively for people with visual impairment was organised by the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV) together with VIEWS International. Seventeen countries all around Europe were represented and we could not have been happier with the result. From Germany’s jazzy sound to Cyprus’ classical touch and to the UK’s spoken poetry, this competition was a celebration of diversity and unity.

All about Inclusive Mobilities

Did you ever thought to go abroad for a shorter or longer period? Within your study or just for your pleasure? If you already did you may ask your self how are you going to manage it. What will you do, and so on.

There are two main EU Programmes that allow you go abroad:

  • The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) as a volunteer
  • The Erasmus+ Programme for studies or traineeship.

Beyond the reality, our National's Agency Online Conference

From April 20 to April 22 the French Belgian National Agency, Le bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ), dealing with the funds of the EU programmes for youth, organised a virtual conference.

During the conference several activities took place in different settings. The activities aimed to introducing the new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes and other programmes for young people the BIJ is running and to give the floor to beneficiaries of their programme.

BIJ edited.jpeg

Manon’s ESC at Tzama school (France) - The impact of the Covid-19 situation on my project

I feel extremely lucky to be part of this ESC project as it allows me to work full-time, in person, and without too many constraints compared to other projects. The school has been opened since my arrival in September despite the various restrictions. It has just closed for a week this month (April 2021). We had to be creative to offer online activities to the children and we had a lot of fun making videos with the two other volunteers!

Manon with other volunteers are walking in the snow in the mountaines.png

Irid and Jocelyn: the adventure continues

Hello Everybody,

It’s Irid from Views and I am here again to talk about our Volunteering experience here in Liege.

This October started very well. We finally could go out and have our first leisure experiences.
First of all, I had the opportunity to meet the staff of La Baraka association and talk about some initiatives I would like to propose to teenagers in order to sensitize them on visual impairments. You will have more details as soon as the activities will be prepared, so stay tuned!

Selfie: Anca in the foreground with Jocelyn and Irid in front of the Buren Mountain

ICC 2020: digital edition

Due to the current pandemic situation, this year the ICC camp meeting has changed and will be an on-line event to which you can attend from the comfort of your own houses, the weekend of November 13th to November 15th 2020.

Peer Learning Activity on Inclusive Mobility

On the 21st and 22nd of September 2020, the Flemish Ministry of Education and training hosted the first peer learning activity on Inclusive mobility. At this event, the Inclusive Mobility Alliance (IMA) also took part.


On the 24th of September, the European Disability Form – EDF – organized a webinar in order to present volunteering opportunities within the European Solidarity corps programme. During the first part of the webinar, Andrei Popescu, programme manager at the EU commission directorate general for education, youth and culture explained all the opportunities of this programme and its related facilities for persons with disabilities, such as reasonable accommodations and other economic facilities.