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Three months in Pisa

by Nina Odenius

My name is Nina Odenius. I’m 26 years old and I’m blind from birth. I’m from Germany and I’m doing a MA in Romance Studies, with French and Italian.

Horus: the invisible made audible

Slate and stylus, thick yellow paper... young blind people have probably never even used them! Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last decades, so much so that having multiple devices such as iPhones, laptops and MP3 players has become the norm for many of them. The use of navigation systems, too, is getting increasingly popular, as it enables blind people to travel independently without having to learn the route in advance.

A milestone in the accessibility history: the European Accessibility Act

On the 2nd of December 2015 the European Commission published a proposal for a European Accessibility Act. Once this proposal is adopted, it should lead to common accessibility standards covering products and services across the EU. Currently, there is no specific EU legislation on accessibility for persons with disabilities and the proposed Accessibility Act has therefore great importance and potential.

What is it exactly?

European Education, training and youth forum 2016

European Education, training and youth forum 2016
Connecting Education, the Labour Market and Society: Delivering the New Skills Agenda for Europe

The European Education, Training and Youth Forum is an annual event organized by the European Commission. As the name suggests, it focuses on education, training and youth, bringing together stakeholders from these highly interconnected fields.

##A small visit to a big exhibition

As we mentioned, it was really to large to visit in just three to four hours but unfortunately we only had that amount of time. So, it was not possible to understand everything but we would like to tell you about what we did see. We went there with some students and interns studying special education and we met others also interested at the salon. So our group was pretty big.

My first Experience in the Dark

A friend of mine invited me to participate to a dinner in the dark in Liège. I had already heard about this kind of event and was really curious about it. Well, I have to say that it was really a funny and amazing experience.

The organizers welcomed us in an extremely friendly way. It was really fun to stay for two hours in complete darkness. Of course, the way you are moving in this unusual environment is very slow and hesitant.

First Experience in the Dark

My name is William, I am 27 years old, I am Belgian and I don’t have any sight difficulties. It was my first experience of this kind.

ICC Day You Have to Try it Once

ICC Belgium Organised on 27 February an ICC day.

What does this mean? Very simple. You can experience an ICC camp without needing to go to the camp.

The event took place in the Special School for the blind building of K.I. Woluwe in Bruxelles
The day was about to try the ICC concept, some workshops of information and communications technologies which will be develop in the next Summer Camp.

It was a free event and open to everyone: pupils, students, accompanying person and all who wantd to learn something about the information and communications technologies were welcome.

New roles in the Board of Administrators

As I promised you last October, I’m back with some news about the Board of Administrators of VIEWS International.

The main change in our organization is the role of the president. In fact, as you probably remember, last December our former president Jessica Schröder has been discharged by the Board of Administrators because she decided not to reapply for a new mandate.

The board of administrators has designated Michael Thornton from the United Kingdom as the new president of VIEWS International.