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key to inclusion: European solidarity corps

Key to inclusion: European Solidarity Corps

“Key to inclusion: European solidarity corps” was a partnership-building activity organized by the Slovenian National Agency in collaboration with other Erasmus + National Agencies from Europe. The event took place between the second and the seventh of December 2018 including, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It gathered 80 participants (e.g. youth workers, etc.) coming from UK, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Romania and Croatia.

Lights out dinner on - the dinner in the dark of December 2018

To reserve a table for a dinner might be considered as an everyday incident, even though that peculiar dinner did not take place in a noble Restaurant, but in the lovely decorated gym of the IRHOV school in Liège. The dinner took place two days in two consecutive evenings, the 7th and the 8th of December respectively. But neither location nor menu nor date really mattered. For the actual reason why, most people came laid in darkness.

European day of disability and access city award 3rd and 4th of December 2018

On Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th December the European Disability Forum EDF) organized a conference to discuss problems, possibilities and the future of People with disabilities.

Portrait of the month November 2018

Q: Hello Stavroula. Thank you for having this interview with me!
My first question concerns your strength of sight: are you fully blind

A: no I have still some sense of light but I had visual problems scince birth

Q: But you visited a normal school or did you go to a special Greek institution for visually impaired?

A: No, I did not. I went to a normal kinder garden and later started in a normal school. After graduating there I made my Specialization at public law at the University of Athens. Currently I am a doctoral candidate and working as a lawyer the same time.

How to find a job - the first training course in Liège

The first training course for the project VIP and new technologies took place from the 19th to the 25th November in Liège. Organisations from Belgium, Italy and Spain brought some participants to test the latest version of the EU founded project to improve the access to job market for visually impaired people. Views International hosted this course and provided materials, accommodation, food and free time activities.

Second trans national meeting in Trieste

From 22nd to 23rd October 2018 the second trans national meeting (TNM) took place in Trieste, Italy. It was part of the project VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market. The representatives of

participated in this event.

Training in Liège, 20-24/11/2018

Hello, VIEWS International is looking for 3 participants for a training in Liège. The training will take place over 5 days, from November 20, 2018 to November 24, 2018 inclusive.
Test, train and give feedback about an online training platform created to increase the chances of getting a job (how to run for a job interview, how to look for a job, how to write a CV and a cover letter, etc.).
Participating in this training requires to get involved in this project and to participate in the next steps of the project.
For who ?

Music-key project


Today what was from the Belgian perspective a very successful project has come to an end. Only a week long, but enough memories to last a life time. As the days went by, our body clocks may have gone out of sync but not so our group spirit, which strengthened with each exchange. And as our voices were gradually lost in the rehearsals, we have found the energy to push forward and compensate for what we may have lost in vocal capabilities by sheer enthusiasm.

Feel the View - collaboration with VIEWS Italy and Ford

So many of us who have a visual impairment must rely on descriptions from others and our own imaginations when we want to know about the world around us, but could this be changing?

VIEWS Italy have been working with global car manufacturer Ford to develop a new technology that enables blind people to read a landscape through their fingertips.

“Feel the View” is a device that fits on a car window and which uses haptic technology to translate an image of the landscape into a tactile format.

AN EVS Insight with Corto

Hello everyone !

I am Corto BUSCAGLIA, a 29-year-old visually impaired Frenchman.
I have suffered from the condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic disease that causes a progressive loss of Vision, since the age of six. To date, although significant progress has been made in the field, no treatment is possible to cure the disease.