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Training in Liège, 20-24/11/2018

Hello, VIEWS International is looking for 3 participants for a training in Liège. The training will take place over 5 days, from November 20, 2018 to November 24, 2018 inclusive.
Test, train and give feedback about an online training platform created to increase the chances of getting a job (how to run for a job interview, how to look for a job, how to write a CV and a cover letter, etc.).
Participating in this training requires to get involved in this project and to participate in the next steps of the project.
For who ?

Music-key project


Today what was from the Belgian perspective a very successful project has come to an end. Only a week long, but enough memories to last a life time. As the days went by, our body clocks may have gone out of sync but not so our group spirit, which strengthened with each exchange. And as our voices were gradually lost in the rehearsals, we have found the energy to push forward and compensate for what we may have lost in vocal capabilities by sheer enthusiasm.

Feel the View - collaboration with VIEWS Italy and Ford

So many of us who have a visual impairment must rely on descriptions from others and our own imaginations when we want to know about the world around us, but could this be changing?

VIEWS Italy have been working with global car manufacturer Ford to develop a new technology that enables blind people to read a landscape through their fingertips.

“Feel the View” is a device that fits on a car window and which uses haptic technology to translate an image of the landscape into a tactile format.

AN EVS Insight with Corto

Hello everyone !

I am Corto BUSCAGLIA, a 29-year-old visually impaired Frenchman.
I have suffered from the condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic disease that causes a progressive loss of Vision, since the age of six. To date, although significant progress has been made in the field, no treatment is possible to cure the disease.

EuroVIP Conference

The European Volunteer Inclusion Programme (EuroVIP) is a two-year-long strategic partnership with Erasmus+ which works with five partner organisations across Europe. The aim of the project is to strengthen the recognition of skills and competencies acquired by young adults (17 – 30 years old) during volunteer activities and to promote them as valuable for their entrance into the labour market.

Social Inclusion with European Student Network

When a fellow EVS volunteer asked me to help her run some social inclusion events for her association, of course I agreed. Joanna is from Portugal and like me she works for an NGO in Belgium for nine months as part of her European Voluntary Service. She is based in Brussels and works for the Erasmus Student’s Network (ESN), the biggest student’s network in Europe.

First European Education Summit, Brussels 25/01/2018

On Thursday 25th of January we sent Elin, our current EVS volunteer to represent VIEWS International at the First European Education Summit in Brussels. This is what she wrote about the experience:

With 450 participants, 50 speakers and 22 Ministers present, there was a sense that this summit was the result of a lot of hard work, and that everyone was keen to make the most of the opportunity. The theme of the summit was to lay the foundations of the European Education Area – a strategy aimed at creating an education system that is inclusive, innovative and based on common European values.

European Mobility for all - A step by step guide on accessibility in EU exchange programs

The French Erasmus+ National Agency and the Erasmus+ National Agency for the Belgian French-speaking community have produced a guide titled "Beyond disabilities - European mobility for all!".

This guide should act as a practical resource for organisations interested in European mobility activities involving young people with disabilities.

You can read the guide at the following link.

Three months in Pisa

by Nina Odenius

My name is Nina Odenius. I’m 26 years old and I’m blind from birth. I’m from Germany and I’m doing a MA in Romance Studies, with French and Italian.