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VIEWS News April 2015

Dear VIEWS News readers,

it is time for our new VIEWS News. We will present you reports about the preparations of a youth exchange and our dinners in the dark in February 2015, a report reviewing a training in Italy called "The perfect match", a call for partners for a new project and finally the next VIEWS International EVS volunteer will present himself.

Enjoy reading

Dinner in the dark: a dark but shining experience

Views News March 2015

Hello to all our readers,

Spring has come and projects are going on. We are happy to provide you in this issue with a report from our project on adapted games, a call for projects and useful information for those intrested in the Erasmus Plus program.

Enjoy it.

Adapt me if you can

VIEWS News February 2015

Dear VIEWS Members, partners, well-wishers and website visitors

VIEWS News June 2014

VIEWS News June 2014

Dear VIEWS Members, partners, well-wishers and website visitors

We wish you a wonderful summer, with sun, time for relaxing and charging your batteries. We hope this summer will inspire you to develop new project activities which will enhance our horizons and enrich our International network. We wish you much pleasure with our summer issue of the VIEWS News. If you have any new articles write to views-news

Nine months later Gala’s experiences as a volunteer in VIEWS International

VIEWS News February 2014 second edition

This newsletter will contain ongoing and future projects, reports of past activities which are linked to new projects and some useful external information concerning exhibitions and useful databases.

Anca represents VIEWS international in Martinique

Views News February 2014 first edition

Dear VIEWS full and subscribing members, partners, friends and well-wishers,

I hope you had a great, awesome and happy start into the new-year of 2014. New-year offers always the chance to have a look back on past activities, to better understand in which areas of life you have succeeded and which one may need some improvement. It also encourages us to invent new ideas, to move forward and to appreciate a new annual period, so another new beginning in life.

VIEWS NEWS June 2013

Dear VIEWS Members, partners, well-wishers and web-site visitors,

VIEWS News March 2013

Dear VIEWS members, partners and individuals,

Spring time is coming, but it is rarely seen or felt. At least in Germany weather is freezing cold and snow is spreading everywhere. But the surprising and exciting things are covered under a blanket of fluffy snow and are awaiting their coming out. So lets be curious to know what the year will turn out in every area of life.

If you have any updates about your work, articles, pictures, films etc. which are illustrating your activities, please write an E-Mail to:

VIEWS News December 2012

Dear VIEWS members, partners, well-wishers and website visitors,

VIEWS-News October 2012

Dear partners, members and readers,

this summer, lots of projects have taken place. In this issue of our VIEWS News you will find some exciting insights into the current projects and an amazing outlook into the future projects of VIEWS International. I wish, that these reports will support us in fulfilling our work and give us the right energy and motivation in working as a network.

Thanks a lot to those who have sent in these marvellous articles.

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