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VIEWS News April 2017

Dear members, partners and friends,

here we are again, with another issue of this newsletter. First of all, we'd like to wish you a very happy (though belated) Easter: we hope you had a lot of fun and ate many chocolate eggs... without exaggerating of course!

VIEWS News March 2017

Dear readers,

Winter has finally been driven out by spring! We still had many rainy days, that's true, but the sun often defeated the clouds. And, of course, the warmer breeze brought us many interesting things here at VIEWS.

VIEWS News February 2017

Dear readers,

The shortest month of the year has gone by at the speed of light. The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, and things around Views are as hectic as ever.

VIEWS News January 2017

Dear VIEWS members, partners and friends,

first and foremost, happy 2017 to all of you!!!!! We really hope that you had amazing Christmas holidays, surrounded by your family and friends, and that getting back to the daily routine wasn't too traumatic after all! Here at VIEWS we didn't linger too much admiring the Christmas tree and shooting fireworks in the sky (though we would've loved to!), but we soon went back to business.

VIEWS News December 2016

Dear VIEWS members, partners and friends,

2016 has almost come to an end, at the speed of light. While you read this, you'll be probably preparing the Christmas dinner, with presents already under the Christmas tree. There are many things we want to share with you on the last issue for this year, so as to close it in the best of ways.

VIEWS News November 2016

Dear readers,

November has flown by incredibly fast, so much so that Saint Nicholas is already on his way. Many interesting things have happened recently around VIEWS, and we are eager to share them with you, as always.

Views News October 2016

Dear Members, Partners and readers,

The nice sunny days are over and winter is approaching, but projects are definitely going on at VIEWS International. Changes do not stop, which is good, and neither does this daily appointments with our readers.

VIEWS News September 2016

Dear Members, Partners and readers,

It is a great pleasure to come back to you now the summer holidays ended and school started. We are also back at VIEWS and have many interesting news for you.

We moved into new offices, then our nice three volunteers left us in the middle of the summer and two new ones will join us at the beginning of October as you are used now. And of course we have new projects and the ongoing ones go ahead.

VIEWS News May June 2016

Dear Members, Partners Friends and Readers

Summer has arrived in Belgium. A wet and cold one. That gives us the impression that we are far from it. Hopefully in your countries is different and you enjoy your beginning of the summer.

VIEWS News April 2016

Dear VIEWS News readers,

You haven’t heard from us for a while. We are really sorry for it. It is certainly not because nothing has happened her,but on the contrary many things have happened. A temporary problem of lack of volunteers and so many projects to run in the office brought us in the difficulty to provide you on time with our news.

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