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The watermill from Murcia, by Pascal

Before going there I didn't know too much about this city. I only knew that this region is situated in the south-East of the country and it is along the Mediterranean coast. It lies between Valencia, Andalusia and Castalia. La Mancha is also the country of Alejandro Valverde y Punto the cyclist. Later through my volunteering project I learned more about this corner, forgotten even by the tourist guides.

Leaving the plane, the first thing that shocks you is the heath. It is begin of January and you would think that you are in the middle of the summer. However the last two months in Belgium were not that bad. But more than the warm weather it is the luminosity that impressed me. There is almost always a blue clear sky; the sun reflecting on the different buildings and even when some clouds would dare to come and cover the sky the light continues its work of glare.

So much sun can only make benefit to vegetables and fruits. A big quantity of the tomatoes, peppers and lemons on our plates come from this region of Europe. I conserve with pleasure the souvenir of these nice tastes. The climate has its positive points that people used with intelligence, but it has also some negative ones. It doesn't rain too much and so the region lacks water and the distribution of water between regions is a big political issue nowadays.

A few weeks later with a hundred other youngsters from the old continent, we gathered in Extréma Dure for our on arrival training. We had all the same aim; to do an EVS in Spain. What is very funny is communication. Coming from all sides of Europe our Spanish accents are very different and of course our level of knowledge too. I have to admit that English was still in use in our group since some people were onlyat the lesson; "Olhola, una cerveza por favor". During our exchanges we realise that our expectations concerning Spain and our EVS are different. In the evening some of us ended up at Carioca. This is a pub where young people and less young of the village meet. With Vicente, Carmen, Alberto and a German the night sounds to be very promising. Everyone gets a little bit crazy; since February the new law that forbids smoker to smoke inside bars has been put into application. There, we all sit around a bear and speak about everything and nothing. Except the wonderful clients this bar has the extraordinary facility that it can stay open each day of the week till six am. At Banos de Montemajor the story only begins.

Back to Murcia I take bus number 31 that pas through Puente Tocino. Why would I go to Bacon Bridge the English name of the place that Spanish youngsters like very much? There is the Nave. Nave is a Center for young people held by the city of Murcia. It is a place of meeting of creation for young people. What is special of this center; first the location. It is situated in an industrial zoning far from the city center. Some years ago they were still building ships there. In conclusion the geographical location of this center changes a little bit the dynamics. This time people from the city center must go to the outskirts areas of the city in order to get good quality cultural services. At nave they have all kind of projects: Salsa, flamenco, photo, percussion, gym, self-defense, theater, guitar and other kind of workshops. The center organizes concerts, theater plays; photo exhibitions, chase or ping-pong contests too. It is at nave that I lead my radio broadcast. In fact, the center owns an adapted studio They offer training in the domain too. With Ruben at the technical side I invite every Wednesday someone to tell us about his or her experience from abroad. All these interrupted by some representative music from the respective country. How nice to find yourself in front of the radio and ask questions. It gives you a feeling of freedom. It is certainly clear that I wish to repeat this experience there at Nave or in another place. At nave the atmosphere is very special respect together with creativity can live together. We can really see that they put the accent on a dialog between youngsters and the socio-cultural association sector. I will never forget those great moments partaken with Moisès, Laura et Mari José

To be continued in the next issue of VIEWS Info.