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The Volunteers Team

Angelique Kraus (Daily Living Officer)

Angelique show our volunteers from all over Europe around in their apartment. They have no idea how to cook? No problem she teaches them with patience and all this knowledge they take home.

Carine Gaul (Mobility Officer)

Carine is the one who helps our European volunteers to get to know their way in Li├Ęge and opens the door to their independence.

Christian Renard (Technical maintenance)

Since the beginning he was the heart of the organisation. Now next to his family he is consecrating from his time mostly to make work our computer and server but not only. You can often see him bringing you from the station or just enjoy with us a nice intercultural evening.

Denise Caro (accountant Assistant)

When it's about money Denise is our expert. Should you be reimbursed of your travel costs or other you have certainly met her. Always helpful, and available she there when you need her. Yes when you need a ride to catch your train or plain she is there.

Paola Iacuele

She is more then a driver. She is the best hostess who welcomes many people. The "mama" who picks up our volunteer who come for a longer time to Belgium. The first contact person you meet. Always available and helpful whether it is a seminar, youth exchange, a volunteer to be brought or just to ride things for the dinner in the dark Paola is there.

Samantha Russo (Accompaning person)

We met her in 2006 for the first time and since then she stayed with VIEWS Italia and then with Views International. She offers assistance to our volunteers when they need to get somewhere supports them and sometimes she is leading workshops debates during a youth activity. A wonderful multy task person.