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Volunteers seminar in Brussels- ESC Roxana & Kuba

In January 2020 the Belgian National Agency (BIJ) once again organised a seminar for volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps from the French community of Belgium. The meeting took place in Brussels on 15-17 January.

Thanks to the seminar we've met again with people whom we knew from the previous seminar in Louvain la Neuve. The meeting took place in Hostel Generation Europe located near to a center of the Belgian capital.

The seminar was much more focused on equiping volunteers with theoretical knowledge. However, there were also exercises related to group and individual creativity. So we got to know about the administrative issues in Belgium, the ways of resolving conflicts through practical exercies and we had a meeting with former volunteer who shared to us the information as which places we should visit in Belgium, how to travel at the most appropriate way, how to save more money and other.

There was a time to explore as well. We went to the Parlamentarium, where were presented the entire history of EU in a very interesting way. We also walked in the evening around the city center at that time city looked even more beautiful than during the day. We had the opportunity to visit an organization which helps people in need, which was a really exciting experience.

Unfortunately that was the last seminar during our ESC volunteering project. Now we have to find some free time to meet our fellow volunteers again. We brought from there a lot of nice memories and useful information. We hope, we'll have some other opportunity to meet each other again.