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Volunteering in Belgium

Volunteering in Belgium” was organised on October 20th in Brussels. As the majority of activities done in Views International are supported by volunteers, this was an important topic for us.

Volunteering is a concept that has been the object of a study run by University of Liège and the University of Ghent In Belgium, on almost 10.000 persons. The questionnaire method was used to determine the main information about volunteering in Belgium.

Statistically, they estimate that in Belgium, more than 1.800.000 persons are volunteering either with organisations, or in a more informal way (friends). The amount of volunteering working time represents almost 130.000 full time jobs and has a frequency of 4 hours/week. The majority of volunteering time is done in four major sectors: sport, culture, social services and education via ngos. It seems that in Flanders people are volunteering more than in the French speaking or in the German speaking communities.

The study revealed that in general, the profiles of people who volunteer are those between 15 and 50 years old. The ones who already have a job are those who are active in volunteering.

It seems that at European level, very few countries have performed studies about volunteering.

The report can be found here

At the event there were debates over volunteering held by important organization in the framework of volunteering and the president of the European Volunteering Forum summarized us the situation regarding volunteering in Europe.

Anca David