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VIP exchange on art, sport & non-formal activities

Fri, 2012-07-06 - Mon, 2012-07-16

This youth exchange will provide an opportunity for young blind, partially sighted and sighted, from different EU countries, to meet, discover artistic and sportive adapted activities, as well as their cultural heritage. This youth exchange will be hosted by VIEWS International in Liege, Belgium, from July 6th till 16th 2012. The group is formed by 36 participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Romania and Belgium. Each group is composed by 3 visual impaired plus one sighted participant, one group leader and one accompanying person. The dissemination of results will include a photo exhibition organised at the end of the youth exchange first in Liège, the hosting city, followed by local photo exhibitions in each project promoter countries. The methods used to implement activities for the youth exchange are: ice-breaking games, simulations games, work in small groups, debates, presentations, questions / answers, brainstorming, listing ideas and workshops.
Before the youth exchange starts, from July 4th till July 6th, an advance planning visit will be held in Liège with the purpose of making all necessary arrangements before the start of activities.

Reference number: 521896-1.1-BE-2011-R3
With the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union

Liège, Belgium