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Views News Summer 2018

Dear members, partners and readers,

We hope your Summer is going well and you enjoy the sun.
We would like to inform you or remind you that our annual General Assembly will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 22nd of September 2018.
On the agenda, for this newsletter, we have five articles.
A first article will report on the Music Key project which took place in Greece.
Then, an article about the collaboration of the EVS 2017-2018 projects, Elin and Corto. They both did awareness-raising activities about the visual impairment. They also talked to young people with low vision to inform them about future opportunities and internships available to them.
The third article was written by Fabrice Beaumont, he works for Romans International (France), an association that seeks to collaborate with VIEWS International. To do this, Fabrice came to Belgium for 10 days to do a job shadowing .
The fourth article talks about the transnational meeting that took place in Granada for the project "VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market" while the last article talks about the transnational meeting in Warsaw that took place in June for the
project "Beyond Barriers and Borders".

We hope you will enjoy these articles.

The VIEWS International Team

Music-Key Project

Music, enthusiasm, dynamic, were the ingredients of a nice project that unfortunately came to its end. The Belgium group would like to share with you their impressions and what this project meant for them.

Read the testimonial of the Belgium group about Music-Key Project

EVS collaboration - Elin and Corto's joint activities

Two young people from different countries and cultures, two different projects the best ingredients for a nice collaboration. How did they make it?

Read Elin's and Corto's activity report

Job Shadowing - Romans International - Fabrice Beaumont

Fabrice from France wanted to learn more about Views International and about adapted EVS. Are you a youth worker and interested in such an activity? Do not hesitate to contact our office.

Read more about Fabrice's stay at Views International

First transnational meeting in Granada

First means a new start. Indeed this meeting was the first activity of a new partnership. We would like to see how new technologies can improve the chances of people with visual impairment to the labour market.

Read the report about the transnational meeting in Granada

2018 transnational meeting in Warsaw

Beyond Barriers and Borders comes to an end. Our last activity in Warsaw Poland will give you an overview of what has been done and of future plans.

Read the conclusions of the project Beyond Barriers and Borders

Call for articles

Have you discovered a ground-breaking piece of technology, or recently attended an interesting exhibition or event? Is there something you know that you think should be shared with more visually impaired people?

You can contact us if you have an idea of something to be included in our newsletter.

Send an email to before the 15th of the month to contribute to the upcoming addition of the newsletter.

Don’t forget, you can also check our Facebook group and our Facebook page for all the latest info about what’s going on at VIEWS International.

For now, we hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and we look forward to bringing you more news and updates next month.

The VIEWS International team