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VIEWS News September 2018

Dear members, partners and readers,

We hope your summer has gone well.

First, let us take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to Nicolas Gérimont, who has finished working in the office in view of taking his career in a new and exciting direction. It was a pleasure to work with Nicolas and we thank him for all of his work during his time at VIEWS and we wish him the best for the future.

And now, let us introduce Corentin Labaye, who is the new Administrative Assistant for VIEWS International. He is 30 years old and lives in Liège. Corentin already knows Views from previous international and local collaborations. We look forward to working with Corentin and to be sure many of our members and partners will meet him soon.

We have five articles for this September newsletter.

A first article will present a European seminar which took place in Frankfurt, "The visually impaired Campus - Studying in Europe without borders".

Then, a second article will inform us about the European Solidarity Corps, the new program which replaces the old Erasmus + program for volunteering projects The new programme offers different possibilities of volunteering and traineeship. Find out what you can do with the European Solidarity Corps..

The third article will be about a video tutorial created by Elin and Corentin. Elin will teach you how to make up properly when you are blind or visually impaired. follow Elin’s tips and with closed eyes your face will become brilliant.

The fourth article is a call for volunteers for a project in India (Kerala). Would you like to discover other horizons further then Europe? Spending some
time volunteering in a far away country can be the good way to get deeper knowledge of its culture, habits and societal situation; for sure at least of
those people with whom this project will bring you in contact. Take a look at the call for volunteers for India in Kerala.

The fifth is a call for participation for the training about the VIP-Tech-Job project about which you have already learned in previous issues of our newsletter. The aim of this activity is to test the new platform. Find out more about the call for participants for the VIP-Tech-Job.

We hope you enjoy these items.

Call for articles

Have you discovered a ground-breaking piece of technology, or recently attended an interesting exhibition or event? Is there something you know that you think should be shared with more visually impaired people?

You can contact us if you have an idea of something to be included in our newsletter.
Send an email to before the 15th of the month to contribute to the upcoming addition of the newsletter.

Don’t forget, you can also check our Facebook group and our Facebook page for all the latest info about what’s going on at VIEWS International.

For now, we hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and we look forward to bringing you more news and updates next month.

The VIEWS International team

Note: In accordance with the EU personal data privacy (GDPR) regulation which came into effect on the 25th of May 2018, we wanted to let you know that we at VIEWS International are in the process of reviewing our privacy policy. We are working with our Board of Administrators to create a policy that complies with the new regulations. This policy will be published on our website and will be available for the public to know how we store and use our data.