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VIEWS News September 2016

Dear Members, Partners and readers,

It is a great pleasure to come back to you now the summer holidays ended and school started. We are also back at VIEWS and have many interesting news for you.

We moved into new offices, then our nice three volunteers left us in the middle of the summer and two new ones will join us at the beginning of October as you are used now. And of course we have new projects and the ongoing ones go ahead.

In this issue you will read about the new offices of the organisation, about the planning visit of our two new volunteers, some news about our Strategic partnership project and about a planning visit for a youth exchange organised by a Polish partner.

Enjoy reading

VIEWS International moved into new offices

Since beginning of August we moved closer to the city centre of Liège. We enjoy the nice view of the Meuse the river that crosses our city. So you are welcome to our spacious offices.


19 Quai Van Beneden

4020 Liège Belgium

The rest of our contact details are the same, so no other change except the postal address.

General assembly of Views International

We have the pleasure to announce you that this year the members of views International will gather in Athens, Greece with the occasion of the General Assembly. The event will take place on Saturday 1 October. On the Agenda the usual administration and always place for reflection for new projects and ideas. Are you not able to come? Or you are not member but you have good ideas be sure you are listened. Send them for sure to

EVS 2016-2017

In the beginning of this issue we expressed our regret to not have with us our three volunteers. We hope the three of them are going well and got well to their habits and are enjoying their life back home. We have the great pleasure to let you know that two other ones will join us for nine months. As each good VIEWS International volunteering project this one also starts with an Advance Planning Visit. This one was held in Liège Belgium from September 5 to 7.

Find out more about the Advanced Planning Visit of our new volunteerss

Strategic Partnership

This is our project on employment of visually impaired persons. We would like to share some news. The project continues. A first youth mobility project will start soon, Nina from Germany will go to Italy. The awareness sessions and events will start in the partner countries now that they were set.
Read more details about the mobility projects

Advanced Planning Visit, Poronin, Poland

From 8 to 10 August Anca and one of the youth exchange’s participants, Mohamed went to Poronin, Poland to prepare the Youth Exchange “Beyond the Horizon” that will be held in Poland in the same venue. What did they do and what do they prepare? It is for sure not a secret.
Read more details on the Advanced Planning Visit from Poland

Call for articles

Have you got something interesting to let us know? Maybe a project, a useful peace of information for blind and partially sighted persons, a useful application or assistive technology to present? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help to spread it around. Send your articles at or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page. Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place.

These info channels are yours so do not hesitate to use them.

Before saying "see you at the next issue" let us give you some insight into the following issue. News from Greece from the General Assembly, from Poland during the youth exchange, information about other events linked to our strategic partnership project, arrival of our volunteers and other things. So do not certainly miss the following issue. And until then we wish all of you a fruitful start of school year with energy and ideas for new projects that are always welcome by our organisation.

The Team