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Views News October 2016

Dear Members, Partners and readers,

The nice sunny days are over and winter is approaching, but projects are definitely going on at VIEWS International. Changes do not stop, which is good, and neither does this daily appointments with our readers.

In this issue you can read about our General Assembly, which took place in Athens on the 1st october 2016. You can also find out about some recent changes in the office: Clara, our new EVS, will introduce herself. Besides, you can read about the training course that took place in Gdansk (Poland) in the framework of the "Strength through Solidarity" project. Last but not least, you will get long-awaited news on the Polish youth exchange "Beyond the Horizon".

Enjoy reading

VIEWS International General Assembly 2016

This year, the General Assembly of VIEWS International took place in Athens, Greece, on the 1st of October 2016. During the assembly, held in the Centre of Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind (CERB), many issues were discussed, among which the activity reports of 2015 and the provisional budget for 2017. Read the delegated administrator's account of the whole stay in Athens

Changes in the office

As you know, two volunteers arrived at the beginning of October. One of them, Clara, will join our team here at VIEWS until July 2017. She comes from Italy and she's 29 years old. But... Let's hear it from her!

We would also like to thank Angelique Krause for her good work here at VIEWS. Her last working day was on the 30th of October, but she will continue to work closely with the team and the volunteers on a vuluntary basis. In the next issue you will get to find out who is due to take her place.

"Strength through Solidarity": training course in Gdansk

A training course was organized in Gdansk (Poland) between 10th and 24th September 2016, as part of the Key Action 2 project "Strength through solidarity", about which we have already told you in April's issue. As you may remember, the aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of grassroot youth organizations working with disabled young people with fewer working opportunities in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Uganda, Thailand and India.

Anca David attended the training on behalf of VIEWS International, which is one of the 8 project partners.

During the training, various topics were addressed, such as advocacy, peer support, intercultural communication, volunteering etc. Read the account of one of the Belgian participants.

If you're interested in the project, keep checking out this newsletter, as we will be posting updates on its development. Also, we're glad to announce that next year an online platform with training courses will be launched, so as to provide more information on the topics addressed by the project.

"Beyond the Horizon"

In the last issue, you heard from Anca about the preparatory visit to this lively youth exchange. Now that the exchange is over, we can tell you all about it. It took place between the 9th and the 17th September, and it saw the participation of sighted and visually impaired people from Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Poland. Read one of the Belgian participants' account of the week

Call for articles

Have you got anything interesting to share with us? A project, a useful piece of information for blind and partially sighted persons, or a ground-breaking app or device? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help you to spread it around. Send your articles at or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page. Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place.
These info channels are yours, so do not hesitate to use them.

So, that's all for this month. Enjoy the last shreds of autumn, before winter locks you in its icy grasp. When we publish our next issue, winter will be on our doorstep... but shop windows will be already decorated for Christmas! Next issue will be full of interesting articles, and we hope that reading it will give you a break from the cold intruder, like a nice hot chocolate!

The team