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VIEWS News May 2018

Dear members, partners and readers,

Welcome to the latest addition of the VIEWS newsletter.

Things have been pretty busy at the office recently; soon our EVS volunteers who we host here in Liege will be finishing their projects, but it won’t be long until the next intake of volunteers will arrive.

Naturally with this transition comes a lot of preparation. You will find an article about the Advanced Planning Visits (APV’s) that took place for our future volunteers in this newsletter.

You will also find some exciting news about a piece of innovative technology, some info about a recent volunteering fair and an update from one of our volunteers who is working in Spain, as well as some important announcements for future projects and possibilities.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and don’t forget to contact us if you have any news or interesting stories you would like us to include on our website.

Feel the View

Did you ever think it would be possible to read a landscape through your fingertips?

VIEWS Italy and Ford have been collaborating on a project that offers the opportunity to do exactly that.

Read on to find out more

Julian in Murcia – EVS

You might remember reading our article about Julian’s APV in Murcia back in March. Well, by now Julian is almost half-way through his six-month programme in Murcia so we caught up with him to get his thoughts about how it’s going so far.

Read about Julian’s EVS project here

EVS 2018/19

In preparation for their arrival in October, three girls from Romania, Italy and Germany came to spend some time in Liege.

Click this link to find out how they got on

Salon du Volontariat, Liege

VIEWS recently had the opportunity to participate in a local volunteering fair in Liege.

This event is a chance for organisations to showcase their cause and to recruit new volunteers, so naturally it was so valuable for us to be there as we depend so much on our dedicated volunteers to help run our various projects.

The fair was held over three days at a local transport museum and was quite a success for VIEWS.

Even though it was the hottest, most beautiful weekend in Belgium so far this year, we managed to recruit a good number of new people and we’ll be holding some awareness training for them very soon.



In accordance with the EU personal data privacy (GDPR) regulation which came into effect on the 25th of May 2018, we wanted to let you know that we at VIEWS International are in the process of reviewing our privacy policy.

We are working with our Board of Administrators to create a policy that complies with the new regulations.

This policy will be published on our website and will be available for the public to know how we store and use our data.

Adapted EVS Murcia 2018-2019

Ever wanted to live and work in a different country? Fancy becoming fluent in Spanish? Interested in working with young people with disabilities?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, read on to find how to make your dream a reality!

Where: Murcia, Spain

When: October 2018 - March 2019

You will work with the city council of Murcia to inform local young people with disabilities about youth projects for and with person’s with fewer opportunities, and assist with French lessons in a local language centre

You will have the opportunity to attend an Advanced Planning Visit in September 2018, when you will visit your hosting organisation and have the chance to meet your colleagues and fellow volunteers.

You will receive specialist support including adapted one-to-one language lessons, mobility training and adapted accommodation.

If you are interested in taking up this fantastic opportunity, please send your CV and motivation letter to before 15 July 2018.

Apartment available for the summer

VIEWS have the possibility to rent out an apartment in Liege during the summer between July and September.

The three-bedroom apartment is located in a quiet neighbourhood, with corner shop and pizzeria nearby and great public transport links to the city centre and main train stations.

If you are interested in renting a room in the apartment between 01/07/18 and 30/09/18 please contact the office on or +3243753520.

Call for articles

Have you discovered a ground-breaking piece of technology, or recently attended an interesting exhibition or event? Is there something you know that you think should be shared with more visually impaired people?

You can contact us if you have an idea of something to be included in our newsletter.

Send an email to or before the 15th of the month to contribute to the upcoming addition of the newsletter.

Don’t forget, you can also check our Facebook group and our Facebook page for all the latest info about what’s going on at VIEWS International.

For now, we hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and we look forward to bringing you more news and updates next month.

The VIEWS International team