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VIEWS News july 2015

Dear members, partners, VIEWS News fans, well-wishers and visitors,

it's getting hot outside, we get into a good mood and the Summer is coming, bringing us holidays and sunshine and good moments to enjoy - but we all know that if the sun is burning too hot you might need something fresh - so here it is, the brand new newsletter prepared, written and published by VIEWS International which could also give you some inspiration for the Summer 2015 and possible activities. But first of all we wish you happy holidays and an incredible time, giving you new ideas, creativity, experiences, energy and motivation which will help you also in our future collaborations and projects.


There are many ways to let people know that we existe but each opportunity is good to do it.

In Belgium there is a database where each organisation can sign in. This way potential local partners intrested persons in our activities can find us. But not only. When we apply in Belgium for any fundings, or an authority would like to get to know us they can find us there.

The database is on the website. If you type VIEWS International you will find our profile.

Our website visitors will have the opportunity to know about this information via our page “About us”.

Getting Access to More Books and Documents

Who knows maybe in a few years it will come true.
We’ve been to the session at the European Parliament on the Marakesh Treaty.

Read more here


"Holiday - Celebrate!": let's travel the world! Everybody knows this situation: it's summer, people want to go abroad to have a good time and they already look forward to relax in the sea and on sunny beaches or to get new cultural experiences by visiting an interesting museum, but before they can do it, they have to do lots of organization and preparations which sometimes might be stressful. If then the museums that you have dreamed about aren't accessible it doesn't make it better. The following project wants to help you in this situation to make your next visits as enjoyable as possible.
Find out more about the AmbaVis project


End of April VIEWS International and other members of the network introduced some funding requests. For some of this projects we’ve got some answers.

Musicted Europe

Do you remember the Youth Exchange about Music and culture. We are very happy to announce that this project was approved. It will take place in Hanover Germany from 1st to 9th of August 2015 as announced. The participating countries are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and UK.

You will certainly hear in the next issue about the event and we wish all partners and participants an enjoyable project.

Youth Exchange with Belgium and Martinique Island

In the last issue you could read the charming article, written by Fabian about the wonders of Martinique Island. Now is time to show people from Martinique that Belgium is also a wonderful country. Well, without palm trees and exotic fruits, but certainly with many other interesting things to get to know and experience.

The youth Exchange project with La Baraka from Liège Belgium and Martinique Island was accepted: in November the following episode comes. Do not miss any detail. Follow us on Facebook and read also carefully each issue of the VIEWS News.

All VIP together for adapted EVS

It is our EVS project that will start in October. We are very happy to announce that this project was approved by the French Belgium National Agency.

We will host one volunteer from Italy and coordinate two other projects one volunteer from Turkey who will be hosted at Socio Cultural Coordination of Saint-Margueritte neighbourhood and Orchidée Rose association and a Polish volunteer who will work at IRHOV School for blind and partially sighted.

An Advanced Planning Visit will take place early September.

Job Shadowing

Our Job shadowing project for an Italian participant was refused bu the National Agency of Belgium French Community. That happens and we are ready to rework this project and try again at the next call for project.

At this moment we are still waiting responses from our respective National Agencies about our Strategic Partnership projects and the youth exchange organised by our Bulgarian partner.

As soon as we’ve got some news partners will be immediately informed. And you, dear readers, may check our social media and of course in the next issue we will be certainly able to let you know whether these projects will take place.

If you participate in one of the projects we wish you a great time.

Time to say goodbye: European Voluntary Service 2014-2015

For VIEWS International Summer time is not only sunny, but it also brings some cloudy and rainy days: every year in the beginning of July it's time to say goodbye to people - their three EVS volunteers. and one of them always has the possibility of becoming a part of the VIEWS International team for nine months. Yes time flies and whether we like it or not we have to say “Goodbye” to our EVS volunteers.

We hope that they left with a bag full of knowledge, nice moments and abilities useful for their life. We hope that these moments will be unforgettable for them as it was for us.

We thank them for all their help and nice activities they made, and wish to them a lot of success in their future life.

You can also click here to get some impressions of their EVS time in Liège.

The team in the office

The team in the office got again smaller. We are very sad to let you know that Max who worked with us since October, and Adrian who helped us since half February left us. But they will continue from time to time to help us from their country and that makes us in the office happy to know that we can still count on them.

Max helped us with the newsletter, website,, writing projects like Musicted Europe, etc, Adrian helped with decorating the website, prepared some tools to help us in our work in the office and both of them helped with leading different activities during projects or awareness sessions with children or adults. We thank for their precious work.

From October we will have new hands to help us. An Italian volunteer will join our team. We are very happy to welcome our volunteer.

Call for articles

Have you got something interesting to let us know? Maybe a project, a useful peace of information for blind and partially sighted persons, a useful application or assistive technology to present? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help to spread it around. Send your articles at or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page. Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place. These info channels are yours so do not hesitate to use them.

At the end of this issue the whole team wishes you again a very nice holiday. We wish you to fill up with energy new ideeas for future projects and why not with information or experience that might be intresting to share with the other readers.

The team