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VIEWS News February 2016

Dear VIEWS International members, partners, well-wishers and website visitors,

Welcome to our new issue of this Newsletter for this month including two new projects and the preparation’s youth exchange that was granted, the APV in Spain, a report of the Polish youth exchange and finally the first VIEWS International EVS volunteer will introduce herself.

Enjoy reading

New projects

On February, 2nd two new projects have been submitted under the Erasmus+-program: “Ten years of EVS” and Multi-activity project.

Do you remember, in October we submitted a funding request for an evaluation seminar for our EVS project? We informed you that it was not granted by our National Agency (NA) due to lack of funds. The NA strongly encouraged us to re-apply for the February deadline.

The second project is a Multi-activity project including a Training Course (TC) in Romania and an Advanced Planning Visit (APV) and a Youth Exchange (YE) in Greece.

These activities will be organised together with Babilon association from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Youth Greek Europeans, we worked on the project application form that we sent on 2/02 to the Belgian NA.
You will certainly hear about these activities in the near future.

Structured Dialogue

Between March the 15 and the 26 Views come back in Martinique for a new project: ‘Structured Dialog”..
This project aims to promote inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and their well being; aware them about European citizenship; develop communication skills in order to be able to get in contact with policy makers.
Through 3 main themes (employment in an unclear future, living together & education without a tomorrow), we will facilitate the communication between the young people and the policy makers (Deputies, Ministers,... ).

Capacity Building

A new project was granted by the Executive Agency (EACEA), so from 2016 we will be partners in a project involving 3 continents (Countries participating: India, Thailand, Uganda, Poland, Germany, Belgium).
We will provide you more information about this project and its activities in our next issue.

Sending EVS project “Murcia, European City”

This month we were informed that the EVS project in Spain (Murcia) was granted. Thus, with Murcia City Council we have prepared both the Advanced Planning Visit (APV) and the other preparatory documents related to sending a volunteer abroad (sign insurance, activity agreement, flight bookings, etc).

Wassime, a 25 years old Belgian young man will have the opportunity to make a an EVS project in Murcia and will do this exciting new project. Read Wassime's Testimony about his APV in Murcia

His project will start in February 2016 and will end in August 2016. An Advanced Planning Visit took place end of January 2016.

The difficulty with this project was that the selected volunteer Amaury, didn’t want to leave any more (he started some studies) and we had to quickly find someone else to replace him. Luckily, Wassim was found and we had several preparation meetings with him (live on 29/01) and by phone afterwards.

We wish Wassime a lot of success in his project and hope that he will enjoy his experience in Murcia.
You will hear from him in one of the next newsletter issues.

Value the Difference

Do you remember some issues ago we told you that our organisation started a partnership with a Romanian NGO on a project called Value the Difference”.

It is a project within the Erasmus+ programme, made of two activities a training course held in Cluj Napoca Romania in beginning November and a youth exchange held in Porona Poland in January 2016.
The activities were organised by Babilon Travel from Romania and Youth of Europe from Poland.

The second activity of Value the Difference’s project took place from 16th to 24th January in Poronin, Poland.
The overall goals of the projects are working with young people with fewer opportunities, equipping youth workers in non-formal education tools with visually Impaired youth, promotion of the social integration, but also health and well-being.
As the outcome of the project the organisers intend to improve the level of key competences and skills of young people. The meeting of young people was dedicated

to discussion, various outdoor activities related to the integration, sport fulfilling their leisure time.
Would you like to know more? Read then Vladimir’s testimony, one of the participants in the Youth Exchange.


Every year, Views INTERNATIONAL has the pleasure to host three volunteers to do European Voluntary Service projects in Liège, Belgium. Open and curious about their new experiences, Selma, Magda and Rosaria who helps us in the central office arrived in October last year.

In our November issue you had the pleasure to get to know Rosaria, who works in the office. Now it is Selma’s turn from Turkey
to introduce herself and her project.

Would you like to know more? Read Selma’s presentation

Call for articles

Have you got something interesting to let us know? Maybe a project, a useful peace of information for blind and partially sighted persons, a useful application or assistive technology to present? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help to spread it around. Send your articles at: or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page.

Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place. These info channels are yours so do not hesitate to use them.

Before we end our issue let us invite you to our dinner in the dark that takes place the first Friday of March, if you are in Belgium it can be a nice evening activity. And we hope that you have enough strength to endure tha last call days. Don’t forget the next issue you get should find you in Spring. We wish you all the best and we promise you to bring you interesting articles in the next issue too.

The Team