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VIEWS News April 2018

Dear members, partners and readers,

We hope you have enjoyed welcoming the first signs of spring and are looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather ahead of us.

This is an exciting addition of the newsletter because we are once again able to publish the newsletter via the website! We are happy to tell you that the website is functional once again and is in the process of being updated with all our news from the last year as we speak. So, without further hesitation, let us tell you what you can find in this month’s newsletter.

In this edition you will find an insight into one of our current EVS volunteer’s, Corto, who will tell you a bit about himself and about his work for his project here in Belgium.

You will also find two articles written by Elin, our second EVS volunteer. The first is her account of two workshops she assisted in running for the Erasmus Student Network along with another EVS volunteer. The second article by Elin will be a summary of the Euro vip conference she attended on the 26th of April.

Without further adue, lets tell you where you can find these articles!

Social Inclusion with European Student’s Network

To give international students an insight into life with a visual impairment, our EVS volunteer Elin ran two workshops introducing them to Braille, access technology and they even had the chance to be a little creative with some play-dough…

Read on to find out more

EuroVIP Conference

Another account from EVS volunteer Elin, but this time recounting what she discovered at the EuroVIP conference in Brussels on April 26th.

Read her article here

An EVS insight with Corto

In this article, Corto tells us about his life, how he came to be in Belgium and about his work for his EVS project.

Find out more about Corto here

Call for articles

Have you discovered a groundbreaking piece of technology, or recently attended an interesting exhibition or event? Is there something you know that you think should be shared with more visually impaired people?

You can contact us if you have an idea of something to be included in our newsletter.

Send an email to or before the 15th of the month to contribute to the upcoming aaddition of the newsletter.

Don’t forget, you can also check our Facebook group and our Facebook page for all the latest info about what’s going on at VIEWS International.

For now, we hope you have enjoyed reading April’s newsletter and we look forward to bringing you more news and updates next month.

The VIEWS International team