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VIEWS News April 2016

Dear VIEWS News readers,

You haven’t heard from us for a while. We are really sorry for it. It is certainly not because nothing has happened her,but on the contrary many things have happened. A temporary problem of lack of volunteers and so many projects to run in the office brought us in the difficulty to provide you on time with our news.

Therefore in this new VIEWS News we will present you reports about the ICC Day in Brussels, Melissa’s Stage and our dinner in the dark, and some international projects like a youth exchange in Martinic, more detailes about our international project with Asian and African countries.

All articles are about events and news from end February until beginning of April. We want to be sure you do not miss anything that happens in VIEWS International

Enjoy reading.

ICC Day on February 27th

ICC Belgium as every year have organized their ICC-Info day. This gives the opportunity to all interested, without age limit to try out the concept.

Views International has also been there and Rosaria will present you
how it was Read Rosaria’s article about the ICC day

Dinner in the dark

In March another edition of dinner in the dark took place in Liège. Many participants showed their interest in these events. For all of you who want to know more
Larisa, William and Clémentine wrote a report about the evenings prepared by VIEWS International.

Larissa and William are respectively a Romanian blind girl and a Belgian sighted young man, who helped us before, during and after the dinner, while Clementin is a sighted participant.

Melissa’s Internship

Since January 2015 until May 2016, Melissa joined the office to do her internship within our organisation. . Would you like to get to know her?
Read Melissa’s presentation here

Structured dialogue  

In our last VIEWS News publications we wrote about the preparations for a youth exchange in Martinique. This took place in March. We would also
like to let you know what it was like - through the eyes of Galina Krysteva, who took part as one of Belgium's group participant and wrote an entertaining and lively article.

Read Gala’s Article to learn more about the activity

Capacity Building

The Key Action 2 project titled: " Strength through solidarity" was
granted by the EACEA via Erasmus+ programme, so from 2016 we will be partners in a project involving 3 continents (Countries participating: India, Thailand,
Uganda, Poland, Germany, Belgium).

The project aims to develop a transnational capacity building-training program and presentation of best practices which go beyond European context. Although European youth workers can access SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres for an increasing number of Best Practices in European Youth Work for youth with fewer opportunities, unfortunately Asian, African or Latin American countries do not have access to good practices. Most of the publications and training materials are provided the insights of the European context. As a result, European youth workers may have a stereotypical view of their peers who implement youth initiatives outside the European context.

Read more information about this capacity building project

Local raise awareness activities

Views International often takes part in awareness raising session with the aim of sensitizing sighted young people with regards to the issue of blindness.

Read an article written by Rosaria about our activity

Upcoming events

Do not Certainly miss the two next events.

Seeing in the Dark

Every year, the EVS volunteers of Views International organise a raice awareness activity with sighted young people.
This year the activity will take place at La Baraka association.

Check their invitation and do not miss the event

10 Years of EVS with VIEWS

Do you remember the application form for the Training Course that was submitted in October and it was not granted due to financial reasons? In February we tried again and this time successfully.

The official letter announcing the project being granted also arrived. Altough the project has been approved by our National Agency.

“10 Years of EVS” is a project organised by VIEWS International which will take place from May 30th till June 4th 2016 in Liège Belgium. The activity will gather young visually impaired people, and youth workers with or without visual impairment, all involved in EVS projects, in the form of an Evaluation visit under Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Read more about 10 years of EVS

And if We are talking about EVS let us tell you that a selection has been made of three volunteers who will start in October 2016 if the project will be granted by the National Agency.

We will keep you informed about.

Call for articles

Have you got something interesting to let us know? Maybe a project, a useful peace of information for blind and partially sighted persons, a useful application or assistive technology to present? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help to spread it around. Send your articles at or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page. Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place. These info channels are yours so do not hesitate to use them.

Enjoy the spring that boosts all of us with energy and joy. And hopefully this energy we can fruitfully use in the development of our common projects and yours as well.

The VIEWS International team