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VIEWS News April 2015

Dear VIEWS News readers,

it is time for our new VIEWS News. We will present you reports about the preparations of a youth exchange and our dinners in the dark in February 2015, a report reviewing a training in Italy called "The perfect match", a call for partners for a new project and finally the next VIEWS International EVS volunteer will present himself.

Enjoy reading

Dinner in the dark: a dark but shining experience

In February, two dinners in the dark took place in Li├Ęge. Lots of participants showed their interest in these events. For all of you who want to know more Loredana wrote a report about the evenings prepared by VIEWS International in collaboration with VIEWS Belgium.
Read it

Call for partners: Eyes to see

We want to inform you that our Bulgarian partner association wants to apply for a youth exchange and still looks for partners: "Eyes to see" is not only the title, but also an abbreviation. Do you want to find out what it stands for?
Please click here You will find out more about the project and it's objectives.

Our volunteers: EVS volunteer Adrian

We, VIEWS International have been hosting EVS volunteers for 10 years now. In 2005 Anca and Loredana from Romania came to Belgium to do their EVS projects. After 10 years things have developed and every year VIEWS International can host three volunteers for special adapted EVS projects. Our February episode started with their presentations. We promised you that you'll find out more about them and their work as a part of the following issues. This issue shows you Adrian from Spain who has been working for more associations. Do you want to know why?
Click here to find the answer to this question

The Perfect Match

This is a training organised by the Italian Association Lunaria in March. Adrian our European volunteer represented views International. Here you can read about it.

Local activity

Our association often takes part in local events. The next local event will be for children and young people the 12th of April. If you are in the area you are kindly invited to have a look

Call for articles

Have you got something interesting to let us know? Maybe a project, a useful peace of information for blind and partially sighted persons, a useful application or assistive technology to present? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help to spread it around. Send your articles at or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page. Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place. These info channels are yours so do not hesitate to use them.

At the end of this issue the whole team of Views International wishes you a wonderful April.