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Verity's Short-Time EVS in 2006

Verity's Short-Time EVS in 2006

Loredana and Anca were Views'EVS first volunteers:
they were hosted by Views in Belgium from June to December 2005 within the scheme of a "European Voluntary Service". Verity, a young partially sighted English
girl, was hosted for one month in Belgium in May 2006; only for one month because she wanted to also be involved in Look's preparation of VIEWS' summer camp 2006
and in Aliénor's EVS hosting in UK from 1st June 2006.

Verity participated in 2 young visually impaired Europeans exchanges camps organised by Views : she got the taste and would like to get involved in the
development and the preparation of European projects; Views is THE place for this ! On the agenda :

  • Feasibility visit for a coordinated EVS for visually impaired young people
  • Training to the reading of tactile documents
  • helping Views organising and participating in the district's fête at Ste Marguerite

and also :

  • Getting to know what is "mindful learning"
  • Improving her practice of French so that she can better welcome this summer the participants in the summer camp who rather speak French than English
  • Getting to know a little bit how Views works and all its different activities and projects come together.

Is there anything better than a direct involvement in Views' projects life to promote privileged partners' relationships?

Verity's testimony

My EVS during May 2006 was an excellent opportunity to learn more about VIEWS, an organisation that I am interested in working closely with, and to improve
my French. I was also able to gain confidence through living in an independent environment, whilst knowing that people were there to give support if necessary.

I was able to do my own shopping, which gave me a real living experience, speaking French the great majority of the time as well as having formal lessons
allowed me to improve greatly.
Verity at work in Views' office

I experienced office work, and felt that my input was really worthwhile. I did presentations for people who will participate in this year's youth exchange,
and I was able to do some translation work.

I had many enriching experiences, and I was able to create a link between my sending and hosting organisations. The communication was excellent.