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Value the Difference

It is a project within the Erasmus+ programme, made of two activities a training course held in Cluj Napoca Romania in beginning November and a youth exchange held in Porona Poland in January 2016.

It is organised by Babilon Travel from Romania and Youth of Europe from Poland.
Five countries from which Belgium and specially our organisation will participate to this project.

The overall goals of the projects are working with young people with fewer
Opportunities, equipping youth workers in non-formal education tools with visually
Impaired youth, promotion of the social integration, but also health and well-being.

As the outcome of the project we intend to improve the level of key competences and skills of young people. The meeting of young people will be dedicated to discussion, various outdoor activities related to the integration, sport fulfilling their leisure time.

For this reason the project will start with a Training Course where we plan to bring youth workers from 5 different European states. This phase will be dedicated to foster quality improvements in youth work through developing the skills of participants in the work with disabled youth and learning about various non-formal methods.

The youth exchange's aim is to promote young people's social inclusion and wellbeing, notably through sport and outdoor activities. Healthy behaviours will be promoted, in particular by the use of winter sports such as cross-country skiing, snowballs challenges, sleigh competitions. For this reason this activity will take place in mountain area of Zakopane and Poronin.