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Unforgetable Moments EVS 2014-2015

For the three of us these nine months were unforgettable. We learned a lot and this experience changed us.


Blanca my guide dog really liked to be here too. Me too of course. I discovered many things and my French improved a lot.


My project was a very dynamic one. I learned many different things and that was great for me.
I really liked our visit in Gent. Specially our trip by boat where we had a funny guide, he made a lot of jokes, and I liked our walking in the city as well.


My project made me to feel that I'm doing useful things. That is very important to mee.
I really liked our visit in Antwerp where we visited the cathedrale Our Lady of Antwerp with its fabulous paintings.

The visit of our hosting city Li├Ęge was a pleasure and not a necessity. We enjoyed to discover the city through of our guide.