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Transnational Meeting Vienna

Anca and Tamara attended the Transnational Meeting in Vienna on from the 10th to the 12th of January,ahead of the final phase of the Beyond Barriers and Boarders strategic partnership. The purpose of the meeting was to share feedback about the training that took place in Liege in November, and to finalise the programme for the final training which takes place in Vienna from the 8th until the 13th of March. These Transnational Meetings are an opportunity for organisers to see for themselves where the training will be held and what it will include, so that they can discuss and come to an agreement about the arrangements ahead of the training.

The project is an intercultural and intergenerational exchange of both blind and sighted participants from Austria, Belgium and Poland. The first training was held in Poland, in 2017 and was the first meeting of the groups. The second training, held in Liege in November focused on daily living skills and included workshops about maintaining a household and self care. Now the project will come to a close with the final training in Austria, where the theme of the training will be access to adapted cultural activities and adapted sport.

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