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Training in Poland

three persons standing in front of a harber, one of them holding a white cane

Two weeks in Poland, two weeks of learning and making friends from all over the world. Eight different non-profit organizations came to Gdansk to share their knowledge. Strength through solidarity was a great experience for me.

We started with ice-breakers. In a group of only 30 people, you had the chance to get to meet everyone. We went to explore the city of Gdansk, a very nice harbor city with plenty of tactile models of buildings, designed specially for the blind.

After the weekend, we began with the workshops. The first week we learned about resumé development, peer support, intercultural communication and volunteering. Everything was very interesting, and they used such a variety of methods that it never became boring. Every evening, a group presented their country with a quiz, some music, traditional clothes, a language course, local food or any other creative entertainment they could think of. The participating countries were Poland, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Uganda, Thailand and India.

After the first week, we met with several local ngo's and everyone presented their organization. Afterwards, the weekend started. This time, everyone went to their own Polish host family, where we could experience the everyday life of a Polish family. I had an amazing host and I'm sure that many people will stay in touch with their host families, just like me.

During the last week we had workshops about advocacy, fundraising, empowerment and sustainability. We also learned how to work with the strength through solidarity website, as the project is not over yet: we will stay active online.

I learned a lot thanks to this project, both inside and outside the workshops. I've met fantastic people who spend their lives striving to make this world a better place. I'm really looking forward to the next step of the project, because the world is still far from perfect.