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Time to say goodbye

At VIEWS International we prefer the French word of it “Au Revoir” because you have the word “revoir” that suggested that this is only a temporary separation. We prefer to think that it is so.
Nine months is quite some time and we enjoyed so much their presence. Adrian, Badia and Max did wonderful projects. Helped also a lot with awareness activities and the two boys worked with us in the office.

Now it’s time that they go back to their countries and spread around what they’ve learned so that more other young visually impaired learn about EVS, about Erasmus+ Programme, and that ideas can become true through projects.

Thank you to the three of you for your great work, for your enthusiasm and energy, for your nice ideas from which some got a nice form and became activities and projects. Continue like this, and we wish you a lot of success in your future studies and work.

The team of VI:
Volunteers, members of the office & the board