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Third Transnational Meeting in Italy

The third transnational meeting in the frame of the project “Vip tech job” took place in Pisa Italy. Between 26th and 27th of March the representatives of VIEWS International, Instituto Rittmeyer and Aforisma from Italy, FDO Spain discussed on the activities, previewed until the end of the project.

The partners started exchanging news for “VIP tech job" in their own countries. The colleagues were informed about the past events and the these which are already programmed in the next months for presenting, developing and disseminating of the project.

After that the partners discussed its prior stages. They talked about the previous phases, evaluated all their aspects. The achieved results were highlighted and the possible improvements were accepted.

The Belgian, Italian and Spanish representatives discussed also for the second training course in the frame of the project. They decided that it will take place in Granada Spain from 2nd to 8th of September 2019. The main topics of the conversations were the program of the TC and the profile of the possible visually impaired participants. During one week the selected people will test a web application which aims to support the blind and partially sighted citizens in their job searching. The application is connected with the platform, tested during the first training course in Liege, Belgium in November 2018.

The partners talked about the dissemination and public relations of the project, its following events and activities. Some decisions were taken concerning the final public event at the end of November 2019 which will happen in the Belgian capital Brussels.