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Structured Dialogue Youth Without Shelter

Structured Dialogue, “Jeunes sans abri”, is project collaboration between Views International, Dynamo International (Belgium) and Atmosphere (France) and La rue de chez moi, ngo from Martinique.
The main objectives of this project are:

  • to promote the inclusion of young and well-being,
  • to raise awareness of European citizenship
  • to develop communication basic skills for young people.

To do this, we expect roundtables to promote exchanges between young people and policy.

We will address 3 themes:

  • Employment in an uncertain future
  • Living together
  • Education-lived

The stakes are significant. To avoid social exclusion of young people, a meeting under the label of non-formal education for awareness of the actors will be organised at Fort-de-France from March 17th till March 26th.

The project " JEUNES SANS ABRI" promotes the active participation of young people in democratic life and facilitates exchanges between young people and policy makers. It will allow youth to France and Belgium to make their voices heard in UNITED EUROPE.

“Jeunes sans abri” is funded by Erasmus+/Youth of the European Union

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