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Simple Things can Change People’s Attitude

The French department Martinique hosted an international project between 17-th and 25-th March. The Young people from France, Belgium and Martinique have met each other on the beautiful Carib island. The participants were aged between 18 and 35 years old.

The group of VIEWS International was composed by 6 people-4 visually impaired and 2 facilitators. The wonderful thing concerning our group was the fact that some between us for the first time had possibility to go abroad through the “Erasmus plus”, program for youth mobility.
The project “Jeunes sans abri” was based on the structured dialogue. The objective were to learn the youngsters how should express their needs, problems and recommendations in front of the political engaged persons; to precise their way of talking, to know how to search their rights. The used methodology was participation in round tables, discussions.

During the project the young people worked in 3 small groups. Each group had to develop different topic. Through discussions each team was supposed to define the problems which the students meet in the school and after that. The groups were also asked to find and described the good practices in France or in Belgium which are already implemented and to find and formulate solutions. The analysed topics were education , employment and housing.

The participants have met a few times different elected, mayors of some local communes, politics worked for domains like the education in Martinique, people with disabilities etc.

The representatives of “VIEWS International” had an important role in the project. They had to explained what consists the program “Erasmus plus”, the various opportunities for youth mobility which it gives.

Very important moment in the project was the awareness session which we prepared. We put the other participants “walking in our shoes. They should take their breakfast with covered eyes. After that we showed them the proper way for guiding a visually impaired person. The participants tried also what is the feeling to walk with a white cain in the dark.

The workshop concentrated on the assistive technologies was the other part from our raising awareness session. The youngsters from France and Martinique understood how the blind can use a smartphone and a computer.

Actually the Belgium group was really satisfied from the results of the awareness they have made. Many participants after these sessions have changed their way to perceive the visual impairment and they understood that vision impaired people have the ability to live normally.

Gala from Belgium