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Sending EVS Wassime from Belgium to Murcia APV

Hello, my name is Wassime and I'm going to do an EVS project in Murcia, Spain. As a preliminary step, I went to visit my future hosting organization, the Youth department within Murcia's City Council.


During my Advanced Planning Visit (APV), as they call it, I met the team that will support me in the 6 months I will spend here. I also visited my future apartment and met the people I'm going to live with. I also walked around the neighbourhood and the shops I am likely going to use the most. I also went to ONCE, the national organization for blind and partially sighted people. Their social service will suport me with mStobility and other practical tasks.

In this trip I realized that the people living there have more confidence and motivation. I'm really looking forward to learning more and having this experience.