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Second Transnational Meeting

Wed, 2017-01-25 - Fri, 2017-01-27

After a very fruitful first meeting, which took place in Li├Ęge (Belgium) between 15th and 18th November 2015, the partners gathered once again, this time in Trieste (Italy), the frontier city which gave birth to geniuses such as Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba. The meeting was held between 25th and 27th January 2016 and saw the participation of members from Belgium (VIEWS International), Germany (DBSV & LWL Soest) and Italy (Aforisma & Istituto Rittmeyer). Most participants were visually impaired people, who were personally involved in the programme and have already given concrete and practical contribution to the good development of the project.


The aim of the overall project is to support visually impaired people not only to find a job, but also to enter the labour market as smoothly as possible. To this end, it strives to eliminate prejudices and to raise awareness among employers on the potential offered by visually impaired people. It is hoped that, better informed on the subject, employers may either hire or offer an internship to the visually impaired person in question. Furthermore, the project wishes to establish a strong co-operation with public and local institutions, to improve and facilitate visually impaired people's integration in the labour market.

In particular, this second meeting mainly focused on the activities that were carried out last year by the partners, as well as on the goals that still need to be accomplished before the end of the project, on April 30th 2017. Also, it was decided that the third and last meeting will be held in Berlin between 19th and 21st APril 2017.

Here you can read the meeting's full programme.

Trieste, Italy