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The Romanian Association for Blind Cluj

ANR Branch of Cluj Genral presentation

The Romanian National Association for the Blind Branch of Cluj is an nonguvernamental, apolitical, nonprofit organisation, independent, humanitary, social, cultural, sportive, of general interest, of public utility, accredited as social work provider.
The local branch of the National Association for The Blind - Cluj functions following the principals of: unity, legalitty, autonomy, descentralization, eligibility, of comun interest, of representation.
The purpose is to deliver social services to its members, adults and teenagers, as a humanitary and educational aspect.
• The main goals are:
• Humanitarian
• social
• educational
• legal
• representational
The Romanian National Association for the Blind was founded in 6 August 1956 and the local branch of Cluj was established in 24 ianuarie 1955, the first presidant being Roman Dănilă. The current presidant is mr. Ion Podosu.
The actual staff members of the ANR are:
ANR leading commity is formed of 5 members:
• The President of the local branch ANR: Ion Podosu;
• The two vice-presidents: Ioan Iordan and Pavel Luduşan;
• Simple members: Tiberiu Cristea and Silviu Valeriu Vanda.
• The leading comity meets 6 times a year.
The general assembly meets twice a year or extraordinary on demand, in order to discuss the anual and semestriale reports , activity projects for the current year, usual issues etc.
The emploees of the local branch ANR are:
Ion Podosu – Presidant
Călin Mura-Cozma – Executive Director
Bogdan Octavian Paşca – sports and culture department specialist
Leontina Boncea – Turda group reprezentativ
Kovacs Viorica – Accountant
Violeta Turcu – genitor

ANR local branch headquarters in Cluj-Napoca:
Piaţa Avram Iancu, nr. 2
400098 Cluj-Napoca
Tel./Fax: 0264-590877
E-mail: ,

Activity area:

Social and humanitarian activities
• Supporting blind members in the process of formation and submission of files to DGASPC in order to obtain the legal rights related to law 448 and other legal matters.
• Identifying blind individuals and families holding such members who are temporary in difficulty, offering them assistance and help;
• Supporting the blind individuals and their families lacking a suitable house, by meeting the priority criteria specified by the local council of the Cluj-Napoca municipality;
• Counseling and supporting the blind teenagers in order to register to special schools for the blind or concerning their professional formation and adapting to the educational system;
• Sustaining the participation of the members to cultural, educational, sportive and recreational events;
• Purchasing devices and assistive equipment;
• Promoting talented members in different areas of the society;
• Delivering tools and adapted equipment to the blind members;
• Supporting hospitalization or registration to certain providers of social assistance;
• Providing material and financial help when needed;
• Maintaining and developing collaboration and cooperation relationships with local authorities and other local, national or international organizations;
• Hosting members in the dormitory on Petőfi Sándor nr. 30, according to its function regulation.

Cultural activities
• Providing access to online services such as internet and website;
• "Organizing contests such as “The friends of Braille book" and "fast and correct reading in Braille";
• Participation of members to the national phase of contests organized by the national leading comity;
• The cultural service of the association copies on demand, books in MP3 format and the audio magazine “Impact”, edited by the national Association;
• Participation of the members to other cultural events, promoted and held by other organizations across the country such as (Homer days in Oradea, literary creation contest „Carmen Sylva” etc);
• Our association hosts the semestrial activity of the Literature Cenacle „Mihai Codreanu”;
• The association organizes periodically knowledge contest to which every member is welcomed;
• Continuing the production of the show "The blooming word" on Cluj Radio.

Sport and leisure projects and activities:
• Organizing trips locally and At least, once a year outside county.
• Supporting and training a golbal team, participating to national and international tournaments;
• Supporting and training a chess team, participating to national and international tournaments, organizing local competitions
• Organizing backgammon competitions
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