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Presentation of Samantha


I am writing today as the new administrative assistant of VIEWS. My name is Samantha, I am from the very south of Belgium and my background is mostly about art and culture. Those last years I’ve also been involved in the tourism area where I got my first job!
I’ve started my journey with VIEWS in July 2020, so everything is still new for me. I mainly work on the administrative and bookkeeping issues even if I get the chance to work with the volunteers. So, my job is quite diverse and every day is a new adventure. Sometimes, I am a bookkeeper, sometimes I am a housekeeper, sometimes a problem solver, and always a learner! Since September I also started mentoring one of the volunteers, Jocelyn, who does his Solidarity volunteering project with la Baraka and the Coordination of Sainte Marguerite, for the first time and I am looking forward starting this rewarding project collaboration!