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Our Turkish gests talking about their impression of the job-shadowing in Liege

As a new member of VIEWS International, we came to Liege to meet the teams of VIEWS Belgium and VIEWS International and observe their activities. When we came to Liege, it was great to see that the historical parts in this town are still preserved until today. After visiting the center of Liège, we had the chance to understand it in detail and had a better imagination of its structure, its history and how it looks like. Anca has given us a thorough description of the historical aspects of Liège.
It was also good for us to see VIEWS International and EGED (Association of visually impaired in education) were working on similar areas, mainly concentrating on the development of youth work.
To get to know the adapted EVS projects of VIEWS International was great, it can enable blind and visually impaired people to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and independent living abilities. Therefore we wish to organize an adapted EVS activity in the future.
We visited also a blind school. It was useful for us to see the education system in Belgium. It was great to observe that students can obtain vocational education in this school.
In the last week of our jobshadowing project, we went to brussels. anca and Vanessa showed us the game center for the blind. It was amazing, there was a great labor presenting different tois and creative toys were designed for each age-group.
we are happy to meet Views team and EVS volunteers. We appreciate that we were able to meet new people.

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