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November 2015

Dear Members, Partners and readers,

In Belgium we’ve got really nice days for November. We are fully enjoying them. We hope that you can do the same. If not, hopefully these articles will bring you the replacing warmth and joy and of course the needed information.

In this issue you can read about our new member in the office, survey on the volunteer work, our awareness activities and we will finish with some information about financial possibilities for youth projects.

New member in the office

Since beginning of October Rosaria, a new EVS joined our team. We are really happy to have her in our team as there is a lot of work but many opportunities for her to learn.

We wish you Rosaria a fruitful time with us and full of new occasions to learn.
But who is her? Where is she from? What does she like? Are we too curious? That’s our human nature and Rosaria introduces her. So read it Here and we will see whether she answers to all our questions.

If it is not the case do not feel disappointed because all our volunteers will speak about them and their projects. So you will just need to follow the next editions to read their presentation. And if even then you do not get satisfaction you can come and meet them and of course Rosaria too.

Volunteering and VIEWS International

Most of the time people are surprised when they hear. But it is true. At VIEWS there are only 1,5 persons working. All we do it would be impossible without the help of our volunteers.

Therefore we would like to thank them for all their involvement. The page about volunteers is now available and go quickly to get to know them. They are fantastic people.

And volunteering is not only in our organisation current practice but all over Europe. This October there was an event in Belgium that presented the results of a research organised in several European countries.
We had the opportunity to hear the results concerning our country and to celebrate also ten year of Belgian law for volunteers. Read here more about it.

Awareness Activities

You may be already used to hear about such activities. To facilitate integration of young Visually Impaired persons, awareness is an essential step forward the others. That’s why we take all occasions to speak about what visual impairment is.

The extraordinary Film Festival

It was held in Namur from 11 to 15 November. Documentaries, fiction films linked to disability were presented. During breaks our organisation on the 11th and 14th went to people to propose awareness activities. Rosaria will tell you how it was. Read it here

Dinner in the Dark

The concept is well known. We organised like each year a dinner in the dark On the 21st of November. With the help of students from IRHOV who cooked it was a success. Find out more about

Financing opportunities for youth projects

The European Youth Forum has organised an ifnoramtion day about possibilities of financing youth projects. On the 10th of November Anca and Lori participated to this meeting. About 70 representatives from youth organisations from all over Europe were present.
Read here about the different programmes. Who knows maybe you can make use of them.

Invitation to Music Week in Germany

What a nice time had our young people in Germany. And apparently the German Group from the Music week enjoyed our presence. We enjoyed theirs too. They invite those interested in Music the participate to their event. Read here more about the Music Week

Call for articles

Have you got something interesting to let us know? Maybe a project, a useful peace of information for blind and partially sighted persons, a useful application or assistive technology to present? Then the VIEWS NEWS can help to spread it around. Send your articles at or to before the 15th of each month. You can also use our mailing list for questions or our Facebook page. Our calendar is also available with the newest events that will take place. These info channels are yours so do not hesitate to use them.

That was for now. And one more issue before the end of the year. Again would you say? We cannot believe either, but it is true. How time flies. So until the next issue which will be full of new interesting articles, enjoy the beginning of winter.

The team