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Nora's internship experience

As an intern at Views International during a hard period- the pandemic that starts in March 2020, a period full of uncertainties and anxiety – I was happy to be able to fulfill the main tasks set out at the beginning of the discussions with Ms. Anca DAVID.

I am Master’s student in European Studies at the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and I taught Romanian for several years at the School for the Visually Impaired in Bucharest (students between 11-15 years old). I first heard of Views once I participated with my students in the Art Touch project held at the National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest. My experience with people with visual impairments made me probably choose this association for my internship.
The desire to understand how Views projects are carried out for visually impaired young people, here in Belgium, interested me a lot. I had the opportunity to meet the two young volunteers via Skype or WhatsApp and to follow up of their activities (one to one-activities- filling documents, translation into French of reports, etc.) Because of the lockdown, unfortunately all outdoor activities with the volunteers were cancelled. This situation was a little frustrating because neither the volunteers, nor I were able to fully benefit from this period.

I put a lot of enthusiasm and dedication in translating into Romanian the contents of VIP Tech Job Platform and Web App (both developed by Views and its partners during an Erasmus+ project). I am sure that both, the platform and the application, can be two very useful tools in finding a job for people with visual impairment in Romania.

Communication between me, as an intern, and the representatives and colleagues of the Association was always very fruitful. I think we share the same ethic and the social engagement is part of Views International’s organizational culture. I am very happy that I had the chance to be a part of your team, people!

Nora Schiopu Negreanu, intern (March- June 2020)