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My travel experience in Poland

My travel experience in Poland

Maybe I could compare this youth exchange to a vacation on the Spanish coast. The weather was hot, there was animation and every night you could find one party or another. The only differences were that we were not by the sea but in the mountains, and that people didn’t speak Spanish.

Belgium group

To summarize: young people, from different countries, visually impaired and sighted… all in one place. You can call it “diversity”, but at the same time I got the feeling that we were not so much different after all. It was the first time I participated to a project such as this one, and I find it a pity that I haven't heard of Views earlier. However, I hope it will not be my last project!

Some people used the words "peace Community" to describe the exchange... although "sleeping" definitely wasn't the main activity that we carried out!
I’m totally blind and I liked the atmosphere of inclusion, the feeling that you are just like everyone else (a feeling that, unfortunately, you don't always get to experience in daily life!).
We did sport, went to the mountains, went to visit some cities, and did many other interesting activities. However, what contributed the most to the process of making us closer was sitting together at night, laughing, tasting Polish wodka or Hungarian palinka, and struggling to wake up so early the morning after.

I met really nice people, not only in the Belgian group, but also from the other countries. I can’t wait for the next exchange!

Elin Mariën