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My nine months in Belgium

In Belgium, I had my most interesting time during nine months, thanks to the European Union and the Youth in Action Programme. My European Voluntary Service was an extraordinary experience, particularly instructive and rewarding, giving me the freedom of being European and of understanding the world around me.

My project took place in Liège, in a primary specialised school. I worked with visually impaired children on computers, teaching them how to use it efficiently in function of their individual problems. I also taught them music, putting forward the theme of the rhythm. I hugely liked being an instructor. I never could imagine myself teaching in French, but already after some weeks, I began my work and lessons. Of course, it reminded and still reminds several mistakes, but I’m happy with the fact that I can be understood.

My life out of my work was active: I traveled around Belgium with lots of its inhabitants. Thanks to them, I better understood that we are similar, but fortunately, also different. I also learned to behave as necessary, to be myself, to use my ability to take care of common things, and to find people with whom I wanted to work, accept my mistakes and change them for my strength.

In my EVS project, I got the pleasure to leave a mark and give everything that I possessed. More I gave, more I received. That decision of making this project was the best I have done in my life.