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Clementine - My first Experience in the Dark

A friend of mine invited me to participate to a dinner in the dark in Li├Ęge. I had already heard about this kind of event and was really curious about it. Well, I have to say that it was really a funny and amazing experience.

The organizers welcomed us in an extremely friendly way. It was really fun to stay for two hours in complete darkness. Of course, the way you are moving in this unusual environment is very slow and hesitant.

Two things surprised me a lot. The first is that you imagine the environment in a certain way, and then you get to discover what it really looks like little by little, when the light comes on again.

Secondly, the dinner was delicious. It was really amazing to taste different dishes in the dark and to try to guess what they were. In fact, the most astonishing thing is to know that the whole dinner was prepared by young blind teenagers!

It was a really wonderful evening and I thank the team for their good work, which enabled us to share this wonderful time together.

Clementin, a sighted guest