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My experience from Granada, Spain, by Aurelie

Hello to all readers of the newsletter! My name is Aurelie Koeune and I am 24 years old. I live in Liege, Belgium and if I write it is to tell you about my EVS in Granada, Spain. My project started February 2 2011 and ended July 1 2011, roughly five months of adventure in Granada, Spain.

My work consisted in organising and leading activities for young people after their classes. I worked in the Youth Center of Granada from Tuesday to Friday, from 5 pm to 8 pm. The rest of the day I was free to organise my time: I went to the cinema, hung around the shops, and walked in the Garcia Lorca Park with my dog Ilmo, which faithfully followed me everywhere during my stay.

I shared a flat with two charming cohabitants and against all expectations I integrated myself quite fast in this country, with my new friends and in my working place.

I also attended four times a week Spanish courses. My teacher was very nice and we got along very well. She thought that I was progressing very well. Right now I can follow a conversation in Spanish and I can make myself understood by the others. Unfortunately the written language is another story, due to the fact that I’ve got many difficulties with verbs. Sofia, my Spanish teacher, says that sometimes I speak like Tarzan, but this does not discourage me. However, I decided to continue Spanish courses in Belgium.

In Spain, I discovered many things about myself, about the others and about life. I had many unforgettable and interesting meetings. Yes, it is true. I had many fears concerning this EVS, but I can say that it was the nicest experience of my life. My volunteering brought me much and I am happy that this “adventure” was successful.

If I have to give an advice to those who would like to do the same, I would tell them: go ahead and do not hesitate! And hopefully see you soon.

If you would like to let me know your impressions, to tell me your EVS stories or just to answer, here follows my e-mail address: