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My EVS to Belgium from Turkey

My name is Selma and I’m from Turkey. I’m 24 years old and I’m blind. I studied history and finished just in the end of last year. In Turkey I work with different organizations and we organize many different projects for visually impaired people. My organization name is EGED (Visually impaired in education) that is also the full member of VIEWS. We generally focus on education problems of visually impaired. I with my organization have taken part in different projects of Views and also we have done one project named Adapt me if you can about adapting games for blinds.

Another organization of mine is Kalp Ankara, with the other name, Toys library. They prepare games and toys with volunteers for all children for free. This organization is also my sending organization for my EVS Project.
All in all, while doing or attending to this project, I learned about EVS, European Voluntary Service. I applied and after I was accepted, I started it in October 2015.

Here I’m responsible mainly with two works. One of them is in two different French courses. In this places I try to help students when they don’t understand something and after the teacher, I do activities with students. The other place is arranging activities for local and I’m participating to this organization’s meetings and trying to support them. They also publish a local journal 3 monthly. I’m also responsible to do an interview with a famous architecture.

I’m learning here, many things, a new language, a new culture, how to work and so on… But I cannot say it is really easy, not.

Even, I lived with alone or or with others, I have been in severel countries sometimes long or short, more or less I made all my life myself; I’m having difficulties here. It is not about self-confident that I think I’m so but I understand here how much important to have positive support around. Understand how important positive criticism, understanding and so, as it is not easy to learn a new culture, language and work in the same and short time. So thank you for everybody supporting me around.