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Music Week By DBSV

Dear VIEWS members,

This summer we had a quite amazing music event in Hannover/Germany.
You find the music we played here:

We invite you now to a music week next year:

DBSV-Musikclub - Music Week
30.7.-7.8.2016 in Augsburg/Germany

Classic, pop, rap: This you get in the DBSV-Music club. You will practice polyphonic vocal and instrumental peaces. We do with you that music that you like and that you can sing or play.
We will also have an excursion to learn more about Augsburg and in the end there will be a public concert.

The program will be held in German and English.

Place: Exerzitienhaus St. Paulus Leitershofen
Krippackerstraße 6, 86396 Augsburg-Stadtbergen/Germany


Rosa Maria Dotzler, music teacher and blind choir leader
Michael Kuhlmann, chirch musician and blind choir leader
Participation fee: 95,00 €, included accommodation and food and the whole programme; we can reimburse 50 € of your travel costs.

Registration till 15.5.2016 with the following form per Mail, Fax or Post to den DBSV - Torsten Resa - Tel: 0049-30-285387-281, Fax: 0049-30-285387-273 - Mail:

Reiner Delgado