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Make your life easier- useful products for visually impaired people

Lately, I was looking for something that could help me in my work as a visually impaired person. A thing which would helps me to read the documents and verify objects around me. During my research I've found some curious positions.

I'm not sure that everyone has heared about a product dedicated to visually impaired peaole which is called OrCam MyEye2. When you are reading the description on a website you may be truly impressed since this product has many functions which might help you in work or any daily living activities.

What is such incredible in OrCam MyEye 2? This is very easy to use, all you have to do is to put this small device on any pair of glasses which you use and it's ready. The camera weight is only 22,5 gr. Its parameters are 76 x 21 x 14.9 mm but how we can use OrCam MyEye 2? The only thing you have to do is to point by your finger what you'd like to verify. Then camera can read for you a text on any surface in 14 languages, it can describe you a picture, tell a color and even recognize people faces. However, the device has one defect which is price, because for OrCam MyEye 2 you have to pay around 4000€.

So how we can replace OrCam MyEye 2? There are many possibilities to do so. In twenty-first century you may suppose that everyone uses a smartphone and this is exactly the way to resolve the problem. You may find a lot of apps which can propose you nearly the same options. What I can recommend for Android system is „Envision AI” which I use for few weeks. It handles very well with screens, labels and documents in any language either in real time or images/photos. Of course you might find also such options as color detecting or barcode scanner. What have convinced me to use exactly this app? It's really clear interface. You will not have any problems to find function which you need because the panel is very intuitive. If you use IOS system you don't have to worry. On Istore you can find similar app „Seeing AI” which is free as well.

Haven't you used these apps? I highly recommend you to install them and check how it works. If you already use OrCam MyEye 2 or above mentioned applications share with us your remarks on e-mail: .