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Local Awareness Activities

I’m Rosaria, a Italian girl of 30 years old.

I’m in Belgium for my EVS from October 2015 to June 2016 and I accomplish my project in Views International.

One of the tasks of my project is to create awareness raising workshops with young people.

These activities take place at La Baraka Association where I am acompanied by a imployee, who helps me to carry out these weekly workshops.

Every Thursday afternoon we do some sensitization’s activities with sighted young people who are between 12 and 20 years old.
We propose different kind of activities blindfolded:

Game at Baraka

The tactile section consisted of some activities like recognize a tactile image or find un object in a bag with a lot of other objects or some activities relating to daily life such as insert a letter in un envelope or a cd in its case;

For the olfactory section, we had some spices and they had to smell and recognize what kind of spice it was;

For the listening section, we have recorded some sounds and real noise situations and they had to understand what it was; but there are also memory and braille workshops, or simply board games suitable for visually impaired or some blind sport such as goal ball.
These activities aim to show a daily life of a visually impaired and realize how these people use their other senses to have a normal life.

These workshops are very successful and I’m very happy because young people are very curious and receptive to our proposed activities and they are willing to try and understand the blind world.

It is very important that these sensitization events and awareness raising activities are organized in order to share this kind of problem with other persons which do not live these sort of situations.
You can also take a look to some photos added in our Facebook page.