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Julian's update

Julian, a partially sighted young man from Belgium, started his adapted European Voluntary Service Project in Murcia back in March 2018.

Before starting his project, Julian had the opportunity to attend an advanced placement visit so as to familiarise himself with his hosting organisation and project before he officially arrived. Click here to read all about Julian’s APV.

By now, Julian is mid-way through his six-month placement and having a fantastic time.

His project involves working as a volunteer for the city council of Murcia, informing local young people with disabilities or otherwise have fewer opportunities, about the different possibilities and projects available within the framework of Erasmus+. He works 35 hours a week doing this work along with another adapted EVS volunteer, as well as also assisting with French lessons at a local language centre.


Julian has been finding his work very interesting and enjoys being able to work with a range of different people.

Something the Julian has found very useful was the mobility training provided around Murcia when he first arrived. He said that at first, moving to a completely unfamiliar place was a little overwhelming, but now that he has received one-to-one sessions with a volunteer, he feels much more confident navigating the city and using public transport to get around.

Julian has been learning Spanish before and during his project. He does this by using the Erasmus+ online platform, but he also receives one-to-one lessons with a teacher each week.
He has found both of these resources very helpful and is glad that the EVS is giving him this valuable skill of learning a new language.

He has also been enjoying the beautiful Spanish weather and he finds the local people extremely friendly. One of his highlights so far has been a visit to the nearby city of Alicante.

Julian commented that even though he is only half-way through his project, he already knows that his EVS experience is life-changing and will benefit him in so many ways in the future. Not only becoming fluent in another language but giving him valuable professional experience as well and an opportunity to improve his IT skills for using assistive technology.

Want to take part in an adapted EVS project?

If you are interested in participating in this adapted EVS project in Murcia, please send your CV and a motivation letter to before 15/07/2018 or call the office on +3243753520 for more information.