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Job shadowing september 2011

In September 2011 VIEWS Belgium, Polish Association For the Blind and Pontes Association have implemented a new Job shadowing project called “Let’s work together”. The project took place in Liege between 12 September and 3 October 2011 and was attended by four participants, two from Polish Association for the Blind: Magda Rakzynska and Aleksandra Bohulz and two from: Pontes Association Florentin Radulescu and Carmen Todorut. They came to VIEWS to observe the work procedures and methods and to adapt them to the organisational environment in their countries.

Along their 3 weeks stay at VIEWS they visited the partner organisations, a sculpture museum adapted for the blind, a photo exhibit, a technical aids salon and during the weekends they have participated to a few events such as: a dinner in the dark, a tandem bike ride and a massage presentation.
They have discussed about financial administration, raising funds for the organization at European and national level, or locally, how to right a project application in The European Youth In action framework, how to make a project report and other themes related to the field of visual impaired policies and services.

According to their opinion this Job shadowing project was important to them because they have had the chance to observe the ordinary activities at VIEWS, be part of some of them and learn from the experience already gathered here, thus being able to convert and adapt this useful knowledge at the organizations they take part and act in their countries.
As a follow up to this project, Carmen Todorut remained active volunteer for VIEWS and Florentin Radulescu is involved in another project of a six month internship at VIEWS.