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VIEWS International recruits 1 administrative assistant

Contract Type: Close end from October 1st 2016 till March 31st 2017
with a renewal opportunity.
Position: administrative Assistant
Starting date : 1 October 2016
Location : 19 Quai Van Beneden 4020 Liège
Weekly hours : Half time - 19h/week
Special requirement: APE Passport

@@ How to Apply?

At the latest for the 20th September 2016, please send by postal mail or E-mail the following:

  • A CV in French.
  • A cover letter in English, explaining why you are a suitable candidate for this post. You may wish to consult the job description and person specification when writing your cover letter.
  • OPTIONAL: In addition to the CV in French you could also send an English version of your CV.
  • Your APE passport at:

VIEWS International AISBL
19 Quai Van Beneden
4020 Liège


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview which will have French and an English component.

Please check the English or French versions of the announcement for further information.

VIEWS International recrutes 1 administrative assistant.pdf33.48 KB
VIEWS International recrute 1 assistant _septembre 2016_.pdf33.03 KB