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International Low-Vision Song-Contest

What is it?

VIEWS International AISBL in cooperation with the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted are organising the first European Music Competition for musicians with visual impairments: The International Low-Vision Song Contest.

Making and listening to music is a central part of the lives of many blind people around the world. However, it is not easy to present one's own art in public when one is visually impaired. Due to the pandemic boom of online events, we have now the opportunity to fulfil the dream for many blind people to present their own song to a large audience. This is a unique and first-time opportunity for cross-border cultural exchange.

Seventeen countries will be present

A world globe in black and white crossed by a large S

What takes the winner home?

Amazon is an official sponsor of the ILSC and offered as the winning price of the final one Echo Studio loudspeaker with 3D Audio.
The Final of the contest will take place on Zoom and simultaneously be streamed on Youtube on Friday May 21, 2021.

How to join?

On the evning it self, 21 May 2021, the show is streamed on YouTube from 7 to 10 pm. Some Radio Channels are also takeing it over in live and provide even translation.

Watch the live stream


The voting will be displayed on a voting webpage of the International Low Vision Song Contest . The voting is only available at that certain time (please see below in the programme). The voting platform is Strawpoll. You will have a list of artists and songs with check boxes. You can activate one checkbox to one song and then push the sending button. The voting tool is fully accessible. You can vote only once from one device.


All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

7:00 pm opening of the contest
7:06 – 9:22 pm presentation of artists and songs
this presentation will be held in the following format:

  • interview with the artist or band (3:30 minutes)
  • audio description of the video or artist (30 seconds)
  • song with video or photos (4 minutes)

9:22 – 9:45 pm online voting
9:22 – 9:25 pm opening of the voting
9:25 – 9:33 pm short extracts of all songs are played
9:33 – 9:40 pm video message of Andrea Bocelli
9:40 – 9:44 pm interview with Andrea Begley
9:44 – 9:48 pm closing of the voting and announcement of results. The winner's prize and the trophy are shown to the camera.
9:48 – 9:52 pm interview with the winner
9:52 – 9:56 pm presentation of the winner song
9:56 – 10:00 pm closing of the ceremony

List of Participating Songs

  • Belgium: Beljam - Keep it up - Supporting organisation: VIEWS International
  • Bulgaria: Studio Miracle - It's Autumn Outside - Supporting organisation: Miracle ELLOH Foundation
  • Czech Republic: Michaela Blažková and Ráchel Skleničková - What day is it today - Supporting organisation: SONS
  • Cyprus: Melodytes Chamber Ensemble of the Blind School of Nicosia -The Light - Supporting organisation: Pancyprian Organisation of the Blind
  • Denmark: Provinsprojektet - Kom og dans - Supporting organisation: Dansk Blindesamfund - the Danish Organisation of the Blind
  • France: Fabrice Marandeau - Blind Musician - Supporting organisation: VIEWS France
  • Germany: Benjamin Michael - The Things - Supporting organisation: DBSV
  • Greece: Anastasia, Stamatina - Christina and Lucia - Just a Moment - Supporting organisation: KEAT, The Centre for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind
  • Italy: Sara Blanca - Mouches blanches - Supporting organisation: VIEWS Italy
  • Lithuania: Vėjų Rožė (The Wind Rose) - Invisible Colors - Supporting organisation: Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired people in Lithuania
  • Poland: Zuzanna and Rok Mulec - Face the Challenge - Supporting organisation: The Polish organisation of the Blind
  • Romania: Dan Robert Filip- Mi-e frică - No supporting organisation
  • Russia: Electric Dream Orchestra - Merry sad song - Supporting organisation: All-russian Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the Society of the Blind
  • Spain: Laura Diepstraten Garcia - Otra Vision - Supporting organisation: ONCE
  • Daniele Corciulo – Take my Hand - No supporting organisation
  • Turkey: Burak Bozteke - Zaman (Time) - Supporting organisation: EGED
  • United Kingdom: Izuchi and Rupert - Angry Black Girl - Supporting organisation: LOOK UK

Participation regulation:

  • There is no age limit. Nevertheless, participants under 18 must provide a signed approval from their parents
  • One of the authors of the music or the text and one of the musicians performers must be visually impaired. No certificates are needed.
  • Song can be perform in any languages and music styles. The songs must include lyrics and last maximum 4 minutes or must be faded out to this length.
  • The song must come from the submitters themselves.
  • The song must be submitted as a video or as an audio file supplemented with photos. This means the songs will not be performed live.
  • With their application, participants agree to all conditions of participation in the contest. They agree in case they are selected that their audio, video and photo material will be broadcasted and published on the Internet and that they will be available for a short live interview for both the national pre-selection show and the European final on May 21st.

How does it work?

  • The national pre-selection should take place at the latest on May 7th. The country organisation is free to choose any deadline before 7th of May for participants to send their songs.
  • One band/musician per country will access to the final.
  • We do not provide funds for the pre-selection
  • The countries-partners are free to decide how to organise the national pre-selection (award, show-format, voting system etc.). Nevertheless, they can reach out to us for advices.
  • We cannot give any information yet about the price awarded to the winner of the European final. This information will be communicated later on.
  • The day following the pre-selection contest, the country-officers must communicate to the final communication officer the following elements:
    1. Video or audio file of the national pre-selection winner, with if possible, photos of the musicians
    1. Information about the band/musician: where he comes from, short presentation of the song etc., Contact of the person responsible of the pre-selection (first and last name, address, mail, phone number and website if possible). This person must assure that all participants are aware and accept all the conditions of the contest.
    1. List of all participants with first and last name, date of birth, role regarding the song and indicate for each if there is a visual impairment
  • The legal process is excluded at all stages of the ILVSC.


The contact person is Ms. Anca DAVID: We are available for further explanations along the process.

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