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ICC Day You Have to Try it Once

ICC Belgium Organised on 27 February an ICC day.

What does this mean? Very simple. You can experience an ICC camp without needing to go to the camp.

The event took place in the Special School for the blind building of K.I. Woluwe in Bruxelles
The day was about to try the ICC concept, some workshops of information and communications technologies which will be develop in the next Summer Camp.

It was a free event and open to everyone: pupils, students, accompanying person and all who wantd to learn something about the information and communications technologies were welcome.

Some of the workshop were in Flemish and some in French and were about technical issue such as reading a book with the iPhone, surfing internet with NVDA or tricks to use Facebook and Twitter easier. There were also workshops without a computer support such as body care and mobility.

In the end are given some information about the 2016 ICC Camp and personal stories of 2015 Camp participants.

It was a very nice and interesting day where we also had the opportunity to know a lot of people and to talk and exchange ideas with others.

The ICC camp is a one week event where young people up to 21 can go and lear communicational skills to better integrate themselves at the university or their future working place.

By Rosaria Fusco EVS at Views International coming from Italy