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Huisheng and Luyao: the impressions of some participants for the project for cooperation between VIEWS and China

I'm really pleased to have been chosen to participate in this program. Indeed, it was my first experience abroad . Through this exchange, I was able to travel to the heart of Europe , the continent that I love the most. I was immediately able to discover the life of the people who live here, their education, their conditions of work, minimum wage and Social Security, etc. , all of which is very different from what we know in China.
What strikes me the most is the spirit of independence of the visually impaired people (VIP). Indeed, almost all VIP from Belgium can live and manage their daily lives independently, which greatly impressed me.
Another important point is education. Each student has their own educational support, which certainly greatly increases the quality of learning. VIP can, thus, have the same degree as the sighted people, which I never would have imagined until now.
Moreover, in Europe the visually impaired people, can work in almost all areas , whereas in China , massage is the most common occupation for them.
In addition, the minimum wage in Europe proves to be sufficient to ensure an acceptable quality of life.
Social Security is also a special tool of the European system for VIP because it guarantees a good quality of life , including retirement.
All this gave me a general idea of humanity and has changed my thoughts , my mind , my views and those of my friends to.
This unforgettable experience will accompany me and encourage me throughout my life.

I'm LI Luyao am a young and Chinese non- sighted girl.
I am one of the radio journalists who presented the Beijing Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008.
At the same time , I was one of the actresses who participated in the first theatrical performance of blind MAETERLINCK entitled under the Sino -European cooperation , organized by the Association for the Visually Impaired people in China.
I am currently in charge of the artistic group of a school for the visually impaired people.
I am very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this meeting between Europe and China. This allowed me to understand the living conditions , education and the way visually impaired people work in Belgium.
During this exchange, I was very impressed by the Belgian culture and the work done by VIEWS International for Youth VIP.
During our observation project of the workplace in Belgium, I visited a school and a kindergarten for VIP, the training school for guide dogs, as well as the center of activity of the VIP in Brussels. I also met a blind man working at the police station in Charleroi, and I could also observe the conditions of the VIP families. In addition, VIEWS International invited us to visit an exhibition of photos taken by our VIP friends, one of their activities.
I particularly appreciated the aid methods introduced by VIEWS International for its youth workers and VIP volunteers adaptation to the environment , I think including the creation of tactile maps and provision of instructors mobility for the identification of key sites for their lifestyle . I think these efforts are an important aid to their movements.
I hope that my experience will be useful for China !
I would like to thank VIEWS International for its efforts and for giving me the opportunity to observe the living conditions outside the Asian continent. I am convinced that the VIEWS International staff has done its best for the organization of this project. I am confident that our work will be very successful.
Li Luyao