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Getting with touch in our ESC project (Roxana & Kuba ESC project)

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We, Roxana and myself – Kuba, we participated at a three days seminar organized by the Belgium-French National Agency in Louvain la Neuve for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers hosted in French speaking community of Belgium. Thus, we had the opportunity to visit a new part of Belgium, get useful information about ESC and meet new people. The time spent there was very busy but it also was impressive experience.

For me and Roxana, my fellow volunteer, it was a first time when we had the chance to visit central part of Belgium. We traveled to Louvain la Neuve by train, and it took less than two hours, so the journey was not tiring. Upon arrival we got to a hostel and met other ESC volunteers. Atmosphere was truly kind and friendly. There were many people who we could meet and talk about interesting issues.

At the seminar we had a lot of development activities. We spent the first day of our training discussing with other volunteers, to know each other a little better, to talk about our projects and share experiences. That evening, each of us had an opportunity to present our native country, so we could try a variety of dishes, listen traditional music and experience some unusual dances.

Next day in Louvain la Neuve was very engaging. Our seminar started at 9:00 am with various debates and raised the following topics: what means being a volunteer, why we want to be volunteers, what are our purposes and expectations from projects. These conversations were inspiring. As well, this day our rights and duties like volunteers were explained for us. Following this meeting we got a large amount of information. In the afternoon we had a cultural visit at Hergé Museum where we could listen to history regarding artists or inventors from Belgium and see some impressive exhibitions related to the city. In the evening we had supper all together in one of local restaurants.

The third day began with another exercise consisting in the exchange of experience and feelings, this activity was very encouraging and let us get to know each other even better. Later we visited the city with a guide who told us many fascinating facts and showed a lot of wonderful places. The day ended up with a short quiz about Europe.

On Saturday we had to leave our rooms, say goodbye from each other and go back home. This time was spent truly good, we could know many people and enjoy a visit in this beautiful city which is Louvain la Neuve.